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Huawei shows E398 triple-mode LTE modem


February 18, 2010

Huawei's E398 Modem Image courtesy:

Huawei's E398 Modem Image courtesy:

Chinese telecommunications manufacturer Huawei has been showing its E398 modem at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and garnering a lot of interest. The E398 is the world’s first triple-mode LTE modem compatible with all three major network standards: LTE, UMTS, and GSM.
The triple-mode modem will enable high speed LTE access while seamlessly switching to other standards (UMTS or GSM) when LTE is not available. The E398 is designed to address increasing requirements for operators to introduce commercial LTE services with flexible evolution roadmaps. The Huawei E398 modem will be initially launched in the world's first LTE/GSM shared network in Sweden operated by Net4Mobility, a joint infrastructure venture between Tele2 Sweden and Telenor Sweden.

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