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HTC's One max: Supersized, with a fingerprint sensor


October 14, 2013

HTC's new One max takes many of the features of the One, and puts them in a gigantic body

HTC's new One max takes many of the features of the One, and puts them in a gigantic body

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This year, HTC released what we considered to be one of the best smartphones ever made, in the HTC One. Then, a few months later, the Taiwanese company tried to appease lovers of smaller phones, with the One mini. Today HTC completed its One trifecta, as it pulled back the curtain on its first phablet, the HTC One max.

The well-leaked One max features similar specs and features to the standard One, but with a huge 5.9-in screen. That puts it on the larger end for phablets (though the ridiculously huge Xperia Z Ultra still wears the hugeness crown), and shows us that, apparently, major Android vendors still aren't finished super-sizing their screens.

Apart from its huge 1080p screen, the One max's most interesting new addition is its fingerprint sensor. Yep, just like the iPhone 5s, the One max lets you unlock the screen with your unique-as-a-snowflake fingerprint. Here the "Fingerprint Scan" sensor sits on the back of the phone, though, rather than under the home button. You can also assign different fingers to launch up to three different apps.

Otherwise there are a lot of familiar carryovers from the One, including its striking aluminum build, a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor (still clocked at 1.7GHz), UltraPixel camera, and BoomSound front-facing speakers. The One Max will be available in both 16 GB and 32 GB options, with a microSD card slot making an appearance this time around. The max packs a huge 3,300 mAh battery.

On the software side, the One max will feature the latest version of the Sense UI (5.5) on top of Android 4.3. Familiar features like Zoes and BlinkFeed return to the party, with a few upgrades in tow. BlinkFeed, for example, now includes Google+ and Instagram integration, and the ability to download feeds for offline viewing.

If you're itching to get your hands on HTC's first phablet, then you'd better live in the UK. The One max launches there first later this week, with global availability to follow in the coming months.

Source: HTC, via Android Central

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No external micro SD? No replaceable battery? I'm sorry but I'll stick with my Samsung Note 3. I'm sure the next software update will include a fingerprint recognition or something better.


I am very much impressed by HTC One Max. Currently, I am using HTC 1s and I would like to buy the Max. However, I am locked with FIDO here in Calgary Canada and they do not provide HTC One Max. I need to buy an unlocked phone - any suggestions? Thanks


willemco, not sure what you are expecting from a software update for the Note 3 that will give you fingerprint rec or "something better". And I can understand the battery thing (although tens of millions of iOS fans seem to do OK without replaceable batteries) but needing an external microSD slot clearly puts you on the fringe of user needs as most simply want to cheaply expand their phone memory and use the same card from previous devices, not to keep popping cards in and out.

This is not really the phone for me but personally I would take this over a Note 3 just for the build quality alone (and I don't personally need a styus).

Rann Xeroxx

It's funny how android users go on and on about no replaceable battery when most Apple users don't seem to care at all. Plus one can pick up a small external battery pack or battery case. I have a $30 external battery and it is slimmer and lighter than my phone, can charge it up to 4 times or my tablet about twice. I have it in my coat pocket and don't even remember it is there until the unlikely event that I need it.

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