HTC announces colorful plastic One (E8) smartphone with M8 internals


June 3, 2014

The HTC One (E8) packs the M8's internals but offers a colorful plastic aesthetic

The HTC One (E8) packs the M8's internals but offers a colorful plastic aesthetic

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HTC has announced yet another device in its flagship One line, this time with an E8 moniker. The smartphone drops the premium aluminium construction of its M8 brother for a range of colorful plastics, while retaining a number of the other handset’s core specs.

The One (E8) shares the One (M8)’s quad core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 CPU, 2 GB RAM and 2,600 mAh battery. It also retains the handset’s excellent 5-in 1920 x 1080 display, as well as the Motion Launch gesture-based unlocking feature and impressive BoomSound front-facing speakers.

The device drops the One (M8)’s 5MP “Ultrapixel” rear shooter in favor of a more conventional 13 MP offering. The M8's front-facing 5 MP camera has made the jump to the E8, complete with selfie-enhancing Touch Up software. The E8 does bring something new to the party in the form of dual SIM card slots, though this is something that will only be available in select, unspecified regions. As you might expect, the new smartphone runs on Android 4.4.2, augmented with the company’s own Sense 6.0 overlay.

Other than the above, the biggest change made with the One (E8) is its slightly squarer polycarbonate unibody design, which HTC claims is designed “for the fashion-conscious.” Available in blue, red, black and white, it’s certainly not an unattractive change, but the device might struggle to retain the same premium feel of its flagship brother.

The E8 is set to launch at a 2,799 RMP (about US$448) price point in China, though no Western prices have been announced. The device is scheduled to hit shelves early this month in selected markets.

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