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HTC Desire 600 brings some of the One's features to the mid-range


May 23, 2013

Despite its focus on the One flagship, HTC isn't ignoring the mid-range, with its new Desire 600

Despite its focus on the One flagship, HTC isn't ignoring the mid-range, with its new Desire 600

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In past years, HTC had flooded the market with phone after phone, each only slightly different from the last. Now it’s all about the HTC One: the high-end flagship that just might be the top smartphone of the year. But that doesn’t mean HTC can put all of its eggs into that basket. You ignore the mid-range at your own peril. So HTC is taking care of business on that end of town with the new Desire 600.

With the Desire 600, HTC drags a few of its favorite buzzwords from the One into the lower-rent district. Features like BlinkFeed (HTC’s homescreen-laden social and news feed) and BoomSound (the loud, bassy, front-facing speakers from the One) make their triumphant return here.


In terms of specs, we’re definitely looking at some budget-friendly hardware. The 600 has a 4.5-inch super LCD2 screen with 960 x 540 resolution (just 245 pixels per inch). It sports a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, which lives on the lower end of Qualcomm’s line of mobile chips.

In the camera department, we have a 1.6-megapixel front camera, and an 8 MP rear shooter. That's actually a higher pixel count than the One’s 4 MP rear cam. But they aren’t “UltraPixels” in the Desire 600, so we wouldn’t expect the One’s impressive low-light photography.

Like many budget-friendly phones aimed at an international audience, the Desire 600 supports dual SIM cards. In this case we’re looking at simultaneous dual SIM capabilities, so you can take calls from either number at any time.


The Desire 600 will start rolling out next month to “mobile operators and major retailers in a number of markets.” You can read up more on HTC’s latest mid-range handset at the source link below.

If you'd rather dip your toes into the high-end waters, our HTC One review is also waiting for you.

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