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HP and DreamWorks preview billion color display technology


May 13, 2008

HP and Dreamworks develop new display technology (note: the pictured HP workstation is not...

HP and Dreamworks develop new display technology (note: the pictured HP workstation is not the new display - we'll bring you images as soon as they become available)

May 14, 2008 HP and DreamWorks Animation have joined forces to develop the industry’s first combination of true 30-bit color – enabling a range of 1 billion colors – in an LED-backlit LCD. Designed to address the problem of consistent color accuracy between devices, without the costs associated with studio-quality LCD displays, the HP DreamColor Technology computer display promises accurate, predictable color and a simple color management process to assure vision-to-production color consistency.

“For decades, storytellers have struggled to manage color in an accurate and consistent manner,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive officer and director, DreamWorks Animation. “Quite simply, when we make a movie about a big, green ogre, our concern is that our ogre is the same color of green throughout the film. HP has truly changed the game with its new display, giving DreamWorks Animation full visual fidelity across the board for the first time.”

Offering richer color and darker blacks than previously available through LCD technology, the display will include factory presets for all color ranges specified by the NTSC, SMPTE, sRGB, Rec. 709, Adobe RGB and DCI standards.

The new technology was previewed at the National Association of Broadcasters Show last month, but there's no firm details on release dates, pricing or available. We are also not sure what the display will look like when it hits the market at this stage (note: the pic above does not show the DreamColor display).

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