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Howards Killer Customs’ US$150,000 hubless Harley


January 17, 2008

Howards Killer Customs’ US$150,000 hubless Harley

Howards Killer Customs’ US$150,000 hubless Harley

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January 18, 2008 Hubless wheel pioneers Osmos list an array of compelling advantages for their wheel, among them decreased unsprung weight, reduced structural stress, improved braking, and reduced vibration but from a designer’s viewpoint, where the arresting visuals impact the brain like a sledgehammer, it’s that hole in the middle that counts the most. So if you want to make your custom motorcycle a genuine one-off and you have all the expertise in-house to build it, what else would you do? Inspired by a hubless motorcycle seen at Daytona, New Jersey-based Howards Killer Customs spent US$150,000 on this hubless custom to demonstrate its capabilities. We suspect it was money well spent.

The mechanism isn’t anything like Dominique Mottas’ patented Orbital wheel and much of the mechanicals are understandably being kept on the other side of the bike – quite a feat just the same. Find the full story here.

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