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Hotello concept packs a portable hotel room in a trunk


March 25, 2013

Hotello bed and desk configuration

Hotello bed and desk configuration

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If you've ever been stuck in an airport due to weather, industrial action, or even a volcano, there comes a point where you've probably felt like giving up and building yourself a hotel room in the waiting area. That idea is no longer completely mad because designers Roberto De Luca and Antonio Scarponi, working for the Swiss firm daskonzep, have come up with a private space that folds up into a roller trunk.

The four meter square (43 ft2) Hotello concept “room” is aimed at making use of abandoned urban spaces, such as warehouses and factories. It consists of a metal frame with translucent and sound-absorbing curtains and looks more like something you’d find in a hospital ward than a hotel.

The whole kit packs away neatly into a roller trunk along with a collection of elbow lamps and flat-pack puzzle pieces that can be used to construct furnishings with which to turn the space into a (very modest) hotel room.

One clever bit about Hotello is that the flat pack pieces can be used to build a number of configurations, such as a double bed, a desk, a table or a chair, so it makes up for its translucent lack of privacy with a degree of versatility.

Hotello will be presented at the Fuorisalone 2013 as part of Milan Design Week, which runs from April 9 to 14.

Source: Conceptual Devices via Likecool

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David Szondy David Szondy is a freelance writer based in Monroe, Washington. An award-winning playwright, he has contributed to Charged and iQ magazine and is the author of the website Tales of Future Past. All articles by David Szondy

Wouldn't a tent be more versatile? It could be used indoors or outdoors.

Lesley Robinson

Really... I'm with @Lesley Robinson on this one: It's not even as functional as a simple tent...

...which has been around since time immemorial. It's sort of the equivalent of achieving what a smartphone does by connecting a computer to a projector and shining it on the back of a flip-phone.

Sometimes I think Gizmag throws these in to see if anyone'll bite.

Gregg DesElms

A tent would be more versatile, but if you were only planning on using something indoors i think this would be better.

I think it would have been better if it wasn't translucent though, i mean its not like it would have added more volume or weight.

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