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Honda presents new Urban SUV Concept


January 15, 2013

Honda's "Urban SUV Concept" at the North American International Auto Show

Honda's "Urban SUV Concept" at the North American International Auto Show

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Honda’s CR-V compact SUV is going to be getting a baby brother. The automaker had previously provided some teaser images of the vehicle, but officially unveiled it yesterday at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

Currently known simply as the “Urban SUV Concept,” the five-door vehicle has a length of 169.3 inches (430 cm), making it nine inches (22.9 cm) shorter than the CR-V. According to Honda, this is “the ideal size for navigating both crowded city streets and open mountain roads.”

A vehicle based on the Urban SUV Concept will be launched in Japan by the end of the year, with a US release following next year.

It will reportedly utilize the company's Earth Dreams engine and transmission technology, which is aimed at boosting fuel efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, it will feature the Fit’s center-tank layout – which maximizes interior space within a compact vehicle – along with Honda’s configurable Magic Seat set-up, that allows for various seating and cargo-carrying options.

Finally, the vehicle will also include “next-generation telematics and a modern interior.”

The “son of the Urban SUV Concept” (for lack of a better name) will be priced and positioned below the CR-V, within the automaker’s light truck lineup. It will be manufactured alongside the Fit at Honda’s newest North American plant near Celaya, Mexico, which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.

You can check out the Concept in our photo gallery, and in the video below.

Source: Honda

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Bruce Miller

A CR-V without the passenger or cargo space. No thank you.

Jon A.

Owning a top rated Fit,welcome the addition of a small awd vehicle in N.W. Montana. Should give Subaru a run for the money in this part of the country with excellent fuel mileage. Very stylish,as well. What took so long?

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