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Honda plans supercar, concept and crossover debuts for Tokyo


October 23, 2013

The S660 roadster will make its debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

The S660 roadster will make its debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

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Mitsubishi isn't the only Japanese automaker planning to have a large presence at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Honda announced this week that it will cover more floor area than any other brand. It will reveal a host of new concept and production models, including a small roadster concept, the latest version of the NSX supercar and the production version of the Urban SUV small crossover.

Honda has only teased the most basic details, but it has a number of new designs and premieres planned. The most interesting of the lot is the S660 Concept, which Honda describes simply as an "an open-top sports-type mini-vehicle." It looks like a direct descendant of the 2011 EV-STER concept. The two-seater has a "Super cockpit interior" that separates pilot from passenger, wrapping him or her in functional hardware and displays. Honda has not yet detailed the concept's powertrain.

Honda showed the Urban SUV Concept at NAIAS 2013

Honda will also debut the production version of the Urban SUV at the Tokyo show. Introduced as a concept at the North American International Auto Show earlier this year, the Urban SUV is a small crossover designed to be lithe enough for tight city streets and capable enough for inclement mountain commutes.

Another concept from NAIAS that will make an appearance in Tokyo is the NSX. Honda says that the NSX Concept will make its Japan premiere at the show, and it appears that it will be the same model from Detroit – maybe it'll at least get splashed with a new paint color.

The latest NSX Concept was revealed in Detroit this past January

Honda will also be showcasing new technologies. It will display an all-new UNI-CUB personal mobility device at its booth, and the MC-β, a "micro-sized short distance EV commuter," as part of the show's Smart Mobile City 2013 exhibit.

Visitors to Honda's booth will also enjoy a look at historical race car, road car and motorcycle models. The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show opens to the media on November 20, Gizmag will be on the ground to bring you the latest news from the floor.

Source: Honda

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Is the S660 built for a place where it never rains? Oh wait, it is a "concept car", i.e., it will not be built.

The most fun car I ever owned was a tiny hard-top convertible that was sexy and got 46 mpg. That '67 Fiat 850 Spider was a great idea badly executed. The workmanship was horrible and the maintenance worse. I kept it 10 years wearing out/replacing the engine because it was such an unusual concept: aerodynamic, light with efficient engine and medium price ($2500). Finally, I could not put up with all the mechanical problems that I was forced to fix myself because of unreliable service. And then there was the bent frame, an original factory flaw, that caused the tires to wear out every 10K.

Don Duncan

I think the S660 is the really nice. Perhaps if it is made, it would have a powered soft or hard top?


Anybody else remember the small coupe made by Honda many years ago? 900cc (I think) in-line 6 cylinder motor, all roller bearings. Pistons the size of espresso cups. Red-line started at about 6,500 when most cars of that era went closer to 3000. Had a mid-body diff behind the gearbox, with chain drive to independent suspension rear wheels. Not fast, but sounded great!

The Skud

Hey Don - Given a thought to snap-on tonneau covers? Like every other sporty roadster that has no room for folding roofs?

The Skud

I continue to be amazed at how heavy these new cars are even with all the plastic, carbon, and aluminum materials. My midsized new car weighs as much as my all steel and cast iron 1955 Chevy did. Safety features add weight and I am no expert on car design but something seems amiss when my new car has a tiny aluminum engine and drive train, no massive steel frame nor heavy steel bumpers and yet weighs 200 pounds more. Even my 1989 Olds Calais only weighed 2500 pounds compared to my new car which weighs 3400 and is only slightly larger. Car design seems to be going the wrong way. Does design safety really have to add so much weight?

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