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Honda to show S2000 roadster concept and many others in Tokyo


December 30, 2012

Honda's S2000 Modulo “Climax”

Honda's S2000 Modulo “Climax”

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The S2000 roadster served as Honda's answer to the Mazda Miata during the most recent golden age of the sporty roadster, back around the turn of the millennium. Honda ended production of the car in 2009, but it is bringing it back, if only for a short time. The S2000 Modulo Concept is a concept model that will appear at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon next month.

Similar to the United States' SEMA Show, the Tokyo Auto Salon is a motor show dedicated to aftermarket parts and the custom cars they create. Honda will hit next month's show with a series of customized models and concepts.

The Modulo Climax package updates the S2000 roadster with a "cutting edge aeroform design" and a custom interior. Honda hasn't yet revealed the full details, but the photos show a pair of winglets on the trunk lid, a new rear bumper with integrated vents, and a new grille. The interior features a burgundy and black color scheme, as seen in the leather sports seat, stitching and sports steering wheel.

In addition to the S2000, the Japanese-market N-One minicar gets a lot of attention for the show. The N-One Modulo Style adds some new styling cues to create what Honda calls a "sophisticated atmosphere," while the MUGEN Racing N-ONE Concept gets a race-inspired look.

Other vehicles that Honda will display include a new CR-V design study and the GOLDWING F6B motorcycle. Honda will show vehicles in "concept model," "racing vehicle" and "accessorized production model" categories, among others.

The Tokyo Auto Salon runs from Friday, January 11 through Sunday, January 13.

Source: Honda

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I wish they would bring it back ! I actually own a model year 2003 S2K, and LOVE IT ! With a FEW improvements, it is ( ALL model years ) THE BEST 2 seat convertible for your dollar . It, in all ways, DOES AND ALWAYS WILL, blow away the Mazda Miata !

RikJamez RikJamez

Always loved the S2k but that mustache has to go.

James Thistlethwaite

S2K and CR-Z are the only designs I like from Honda ever since 6th generation Civic HB... and yes, that mustache has to go... disaster..

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