Honda turns the Fit/Jazz into an SUV, with the HR-V


April 21, 2014

The Honda HR-V compact SUV

The Honda HR-V compact SUV

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So, you like the basic idea of the Honda Fit (or Jazz, depending on where you live), but you want something a little more ... versatile. Well, that's where the HR-V comes into the picture. It's a Fit-based compact SUV, and Honda just revealed the first photos of it at the New York International Auto Show.

This is Honda's second go at the HR-V, as the automaker produced a mini-SUV of the same name from 1999 to 2006.

In this incarnation, it's being built around the Fit's global compact platform, and will feature "a versatile and spacious interior thanks to a unique center tank layout." It will also utilize the automaker's Magic Seat system, that allows for multiple seating configurations and lets users fold the back seats down completely flat for extra cargo space.

The little SUV is bound initially for the US market, and will be made at Honda's manufacturing facility in Celaya, Mexico. It will mark the first entry in the company's new light truck lineup, and will be positioned below the CR-V in both size and price.

More information on pricing and availability should be coming prior to the HR-V's launch, which is scheduled for this winter (Northern Hemisphere). Although it's hard to say how much will remain the same, you can get a sense of some of its specs from our previous article on its prototype predecessor, the Urban SUV Concept.

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Any idea if it will be available with a manual transmission?

Jon A.

Saw the HR-V in Australia years ago and wondered when it would hit the US. Also like the hatchback version of the Toyota Corrola, but that never made here... too bad, it looked very practical.

Mark A

I've owned an HR-V for the past 15 years (!), and it's been the perfect urban vehicle. Made entirely of high tensile steel, De Dion rear suspension, huge amounts of fun and it's never let me down. I've regularly looked at other vehicles for the last five years - after all, it is getting on, but nothing has come near, and certainly nothing better enough that I'd plonk cash on it. Honda, this vehicle better come to Australia or you'll have one very disgruntled customer! At last! A good looking Honda after the disappointment of the uglies Honda has come out with in the last few years...

Dave Barry

Will it come in an Electric version like the Fit EV?

Charged UP
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