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Review: Theatre Box wireless 3D speaker offers portable 3D sound

Born from Kickstarter, the Acemile Theatre Box wireless 3D speaker has blossomed into the kind of triumph that so many campaigns dream of. Not only was the project over-funded by a healthy margin, but backers started to receive tracking numbers for their speakers roughly three months after the close of funding. Talk about a fast efficient turnaround time. But does the Theatre Box deliver on sound? Read on for our experience with this crowdfunded success.Read More

Walker Audio lowers price of entry for audiophile disc spinners

There are turntables and there are turntables. Living room decks by such manufacturers as Thorens, Music Hall, Project and Technics will likely be sufficient for the high quality audio needs of most mortal vinyl lovers. But for audiophiles with a fine-tuned ear and a bottomless wallet, names like the DaVinci, TechDAS, TriangleArt and Walker Audio will be more familiar. The latter's Proscenium turntables have been on the receiving end of numerous awards from industry experts and audio journalists since the release of the first version two decades ago. Now the premium audio equipment manufacturer has announced a new turntable named Procession that comes in at a fraction of the cost of the latest Proscenium – which essentially means US$45,000 instead of $110,000.Read More


Review: Amazon Echo is finally available to all

Amazon Echo, the company's desktop, voice-activated personal assistant became available to the general public for the first time on Tuesday. Gizmag has been spending the past month with Echo and we've found it to be an exciting new product with plenty of potential and no real peers at the moment, but is it really ready for prime time?Read More

Floating Record makes spinning vinyl stand up and stand out

According to Nielsen, US vinyl album sales have grown by 260 percent since 2009. So, if you want to get in with the hip 12-inch disc crowd but find that your home hi-fi system doesn't sport a turntable, some eye-catching help may be at hand. Gramovox, the Chicago-based firm behind the horny Bluetooth Gramophone from 2013, has designed a stylish new sound system that boasts audiophile-grade components and plays records vertically.Read More

Axiom Audio puts the power of Pi into new wireless speaker

Canadian loudspeaker maker Axiom Audio reckons its new AxiomAir brings something new to the wireless speaker system table. It's been designed to liberate listeners from the single user, low powered, low fidelity confines of Bluetooth portable speakers into the higher quality streaming world of Wi-Fi. But what really sets this speaker apart is the fully functional Raspberry Pi computer beating at its heart. While this allows future Axiom updates to be installed with the touch of a button on the user interface, it also opens the door to user-created applications.Read More

Mr. Everything wireless speaker can jump start a car

In a very crowded marketplace, what can a newcomer to the Bluetooth speaker arena do to stand out from the crowd? Well, in the case of Mr. Everything, it's pack as much functionality and usefulness into a portable audio throwing box as possible. The water-resistant speaker comes with integrated emergency lighting, a wireless charging pad and enough stored juice to charge up a MacBook's battery twice or, as mentioned above, jump start a car. It's even got built-in storage. Not the flash memory kind, but somewhere to stow away essentials like protein bars or first aid supplies.Read More

LG Display peels back magnetic wallpaper OLED TV panel

LCD panels have enabled widescreen TVs thin and light enough to be hung on a wall like a picture – assuming you hang your pictures with a VESA-compliant wall mount. But LG Display has gone one step further, showing an OLED panel that can be stuck to a wall like wallpaper – assuming you hang your wallpaper with magnets.Read More


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