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Like stroking the family pet, the BeoPlay A6 speaker responds to tap and touch

Depending on one's personal turf and aesthetic appreciation, a speaker can either take up space or be an integral part of living areas. B&O Play, by Bang & Olufsen, has recently introduced its latest speaker that's designed for the latter, complementing interiors while delivering room-filling sound. The BeoPlay A6 features touch controls, a host of wireless streaming options, and interchangeable fabric covers.Read More

Quick listen: Ottava all-in-one hi-fi system leads Technics high end audio expansion

At IFA 2014, Panasonic woke up its Technics music entertainment beast from a 6 year slumber with the launch of the first Reference Class R1 Series and the Premium Class C700 Series high end home audio products. The company revealed more additions to the new Technics family at this year's show, including an all-in-one hi-fi system, some new headphones and an early look at an upcoming turntable. Gizmag took time out from a buzzing IFA to have a look and listen.Read More

Quick listen: Audio Technica's mature, living room-friendly AT-LP5 turntable

Vinyl lovers looking for a quality turntable that doesn't break the bank may have encountered Audio Technica's surprisingly weighty AT-LP120USB turntable on their travels. Close enough in looks to easily be mistaken for a Technics SL-1200 from a distance, the direct drive groove machine continues to attract rave reviews from consumers and industry pundits alike despite being on the market for a few years now, and having a design aesthetic that isn't exactly what you might call "living room-friendly." At IFA this year, Audio Technica was showing off a new and more mature-looking turntable called the AT-LP5 and inviting booth visitors to sit on a comfy couch for a listen. Gizmag had a quick ears on.Read More

Panasonic breaks out its first commercial OLED TV

Today at IFA, Panasonic announced its first-ever 4K OLED television. The 65-inch 4K Viera CZ-950 has been color-tuned in collaboration with professional Hollywood colorist Mike Sowa, and is designed to deliver colors – including an "Absolute Black" – the way that directors and cinematographers intended.Read More

Yamaha breathes new life into MusicCast multi-room music streaming

Since launching in 2005, Sonos has pretty much dominated the multi-room wireless speaker scene. But it may surprise you to learn that Yamaha customers could stream music around their homes at least a couple of years earlier courtesy of the company's MusicCAST network audio system. Originally comprising a CD ripper/hard drive server and receiver stations, Yamaha revamped the digital audio streaming platform in 2009 and included a touchscreen remote controller, the ability to connect to a portable music player over Bluetooth and support for streaming music services and internet radio. Now, MusicCast has been updated again, with Yamaha promising a range of more than 20 enabled products by the end of 2015.Read More

Touchjet Wave creates touchscreen tablets from televisions

Compact and portable are great attributes for something you always want to have on-hand. But when it comes to home entertainment, bigger tends to be better. And if you're looking for the ultimate tablet experience, soon "going big" and "going home" won't have to be a choice. The Touchjet Wave transforms your home television into a ginormous touchscreen tablet.Read More


Review: Plantronics' feature-filled BackBeat Sense headphones

Plantronics, well known for communication headsets and Bluetooth earpieces, has been showing more of its casual, active lifestyle side over the past year. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro, BackBeat Fit, and BackBeat Go 2 have been targeted at consumers looking for portable audio gear. But with the market so saturated these days, it takes more than Bluetooth wireless to turn heads. We get some quality time with Plantronics’ latest BackBeat Sense headphones to see if the added features truly make a meaningful difference.Read More


Review: Hi-Res-capable, DualCoil-packing T20 in-ear headphones

Back in May, British headphone maker Reid Heath Audio (RHA) announced a new pair of in-ear headphones that debuted something called DualCoil dynamic driver technology. The company had managed to install two independently-powered dynamic voice coils on a micro ring magnet, one to handle lower audio frequencies and the other to take care of the higher end. The T20s promised a true-to-life reproduction and support for high resolution audio. We got to plug in for some hi-res, and lo-res, listening.Read More


Review: Nano HiFi NH1 Bluetooth boombox

The world of products competing for your ears these days is incredibly crowded, from the multitude of budget Bluetooth speakers on up to Sonos and others aiming to drag your dad's treasured hi-fi into the 21st century with top-notch wireless sound. The Nano HiFi NH1 falls somewhere toward the latter end of the spectrum, but maintains a notable level of portability and affordability. Gizmag had the opportunity to play part of our northern summer soundtrack over this nifty setup and we came away with this review.

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