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Blue's Lola headphones promise Mo-Fi-like quality in a lighter, cheaper package

We were mighty impressed by the Mo-Fi headphones from Blue Microphones when we reviewed them last year, but they were a little weighty and quite expensive. Today the company has revealed the Lola headphones, which feature the same 50 mm custom drivers, "ear-shaped" pads and multi-jointed headband as the Mo-Fi, but are lighter and cheaper. They are lacking in one important area though.Read More

Electric Jukebox turns a TV into a streaming music machine

Though many of us watch music videos or listen to digital radio via the living room TV, it's probably not the first home entertainment device that springs to mind when considering music streaming. That's usually the domain of wireless speakers, smartphone apps and services like Spotify or Pandora. But premium service signups and associated costly tariffs, yet more logon details and passwords to remember, and regular app updates across different mobile platforms can be something of a turn off for many music lovers. London-based Electric Jukebox Company is now offering a less complicated way, one that's aimed at changing the way music is played at home forever by leveraging the goggle box as an audio entertainment hub for the family.Read More

B&O's colossal BeoLab 90 loudspeakers pump out 8,200 watts, cost $40K

It's safe to say that Bang & Olufsen isn't about to trash its reputation for head-turning, high-end speaker design with the new BeoLab 90. Named in honor of the the Danish company's 90th anniversary, the gargantuan BeoLab 90 stands 4 feet (123.5 cm) tall, weighs in at over 300 pounds (137 kg) and delivers an earthshaking 8,200 watts through a complex array of drivers and amplifiers ... all for just under US$40,000.

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B&W rebuilds iconic 800 Series Diamond speakers from the ground up

Just over 35 years ago, Bowers & Wilkins hit the right note with the introduction of its now iconic 801 loudspeakers, which quickly became a recording studio standard. The various incarnations of the 800 Series flagships that followed have both visually and sonically impressed industry critics and high-end audio lovers alike. Then in 2005, top of the range models were given some added sparkle with the inclusion of the company's new diamond tweeter, which eventually rolled out to all speakers in 2009 for the launch of the 800 Series Diamond. Now B&W's engineers have been let loose again, with the company insisting that the latest refresh is not so much an update, but rather a legend re-imagined.Read More


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