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Sony's new turntable allows for Hi-Res digital recording

After looking like they were going the way of the audio cassette tape, vinyl records are on a bounce back. Just this week, Nielsen reported that sales of 12-inch discs in the US rose for the tenth consecutive year, accounting for 9 percent of total physical album sales. Though there are portable turntables like those from Pyle Audio and Crossleys, enjoying vinyl on the move isn't exactly pocket-friendly. But converting records to run on an MP3 player means an inevitable loss of precious fidelity. Fortunately, Sony's new HX500 turntable boasts a built-in 24-bit analog-to-digital converter that allows audiophiles to transfer their beloved vinyl collections to high quality digital formats.Read More

Panasonic brings back Technics SL-1200 turntable

Back in 2014, Panasonic reanimated the not-dead-just-sleeping Technics brand with the launch of two high end audio ranges. We got a brief ears-on in the listening room and liked what we heard. Very much. But there was something missing. For many party animals of a certain age, the good times were fueled by discs spun on the DJ weapons of choice – a pair of Technics SL-1200 decks. The brand confirmed plans to appease vinyl lovers at IFA 2015 by introducing a new direct drive motor assembly for an upcoming turntable. Now, the picture is complete with a CES reveal of the brand new Grand Class SL-1200G.Read More


Review: Crossfade Wireless headphones offer quality wired or wireless listening

After a good deal of pre-release positivity from audio community reviewers and industry pundits, V-Moda's flagship Crossfade M-100 headphones were finally made available to buy at the end of 2012. Though many market competitors have since embraced the music-buying public's increasing desire for wireless freedom and added Bluetooth models to their ranges, V-Moda has stubbornly resisted the call to ditch the cable. That all changed in September, however, with the launch of the Crossfade Wireless headphones – the company's Val Kolton calling them the "best sounding and most versatile" Bluetooth headphones he'd ever tried. Gizmag has spent the last few weeks finding out if mobile convenience can be as sonically fulfilling as cumbersome cables.
Read More

Wet and dry cleaner buffs up vinyl in a few spins

Vinyl records are growing in popularity, with Nielsen reporting a 260 percent growth in US sales since 2009. So now might be a good time to cable up your old turntable again and bring down the once treasured collection from the attic. When the cartridge coughs up a fur ball big enough to rival the household cat, though, it may be time to consider a vinyl cleaning machine. The VC-S from Austrian audio house Pro-Ject is claimed capable of washing and drying a 12-inch disc up to three times faster than the competition.Read More

Pavilion wireless speaker mixes concrete with a copper twist

Unwelcome color, nasty distortion and unnatural reproduction. Those are the kind of annoying qualities that loudspeaker housing made from cheap materials can add to the listening experience. This has led some audio designers to look for a high density and weighty solution to the cabinet vibration problem. Concrete. Though that does perhaps produce images in the mind of boring and ugly monoliths dropping through the living room floor to the basement below, Germany's Concrete Audio and Italy's Digital Habit(s) would beg to differ. Now Los Angeles-based Hult Design is hoping to join the concrete party with a crowdfunding effort aimed at bringing its Pavilion speakers to market.Read More

Sennheiser improves on audiophile classic

At CES 2009, Sennheiser launched what was to become an audioholic favorite – the HD 800 open-back headphones. We got the opportunity to go ears-on at IFA a few months later and were duly impressed. This month, the German audio house is releasing an improved model, the HD 800 S, with the promise of bringing listeners "one step closer to the perfect sound."Read More

Best set-top boxes and streamers of 2015: Buying guide

From Netflix to iTunes and everything in between, there's now a plethora of services for delivering video over the web. Those TV shows and movies don't look their best on your 13-inch laptop though, which is why we've also seen a rise in the number of boxes, dongles and streamers built to get content from the internet up on the big screen in your living room. Join us as we break down the best streaming boxes and other streaming devices of 2015.Read More


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