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Home Core all-in-one toilet aims to save H2O


February 21, 2010

The Home Core all-in-one toilet - toilet bowl, basin, mirror and a vanity table

The Home Core all-in-one toilet - toilet bowl, basin, mirror and a vanity table

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Integrating the toilet bowl, basin, mirror and a vanity table into one, the Home Core concept has a storage tank that can be used to flush the toilet with water saved from the hand-washing basin. The water pressure on the unit can also be controlled to four different levels to help conserve potable water. Some might see it as taking the idea of all-in-one a step too far, but we think this unit would be great aboard high-end campervans, yachts, even aircraft, where space is at a premium and fresh water can be scarce.

Actually operating the design by Dang Jingwei may take a little getting used to because the controls on the device are not as intuitive as some standard fixtures... and in case you are wondering, the orange interior is said to reduce the frequency of cleaning.

Via Yanko Design.


Something similar is available here in Japan for a space-saving toilet. On top of the back tank is a very small sink for rinsing hands. Grey water goes into the tank for future use during a flush.


The inside is orange so you the usual yellow-orange grunge won\'t show up so bad. Why would I want to brush my teeth right next to the pot? Bad enough having the sink in the same room as the loo!

BTW, did you see the Mythbusters episode about fecal bacteria on toothbrushes? They completely blew the experiment when they brought the control toothbrush from the office into the bathroom. That\'s exactly the same as dipping your finger into the petri dish you\'re growing a bacteria in then poking it into the control dish and concluding the bacteria was already in the control dish before the experiment began.

Facebook User

yeah yeah, admit is a great idea! most kitchen are more dirty than toilets, and if a toilet looks good you keep it cleaner.

I allways brush my teeth during sitting on the loo (;-D

Jelmer ten Hoeve
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