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Transparent 3D display revealed at CES


January 9, 2013

Gizmag's Dave LeClair, demonstrating the transparent 3D TV

Gizmag's Dave LeClair, demonstrating the transparent 3D TV

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As we recently heard, Hisense is showing off a glasses-free 3D TV at CES 2013. It turns out, however, that the Chinese electronics manufacturer has another interesting 3D TV on display at the show – it’s one that you can see through.

The television features a 50-inch transparent screen. This means that viewers can see objects behind the TV, while also seeing the 3D content being displayed – provided that they’re wearing polarizing glasses, that is.

Not much information is available on the TV as of yet, although it’s apparently being aimed more at commercial users than regular consumers. It should be available towards the middle of the year, for about US$3,000.

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Maybe I'm missing something here, but if that guy's arm is behind the TV screen, why is his hand in front of the picture? Does he have his hand between two panels?


For StuartC

I think he does indeed have his hand between the two panels. Judging by the pictures, the rear one is a large light source (light box). It is possible that the man's arm is so close to the 'transparent light modulating panel' that it casts a shadow where the arm is thus no light, that can be modulated to form an image, passes through this region. In a sense, the man's arm is blocking the image, even though it is behind the front panel.

This is just an informed guess. I used to work on 3D displays many years ago.


@ DougL and StuartC

I am the guy in the photo. My hand is behind the screen with the image, but in front of the light source behind it.

Dave LeClair
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