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May 28, 2008

lusso luxury turntable

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May 29, 2008 If you’re a die-hard vinyl fan you are going to love the lusso turntable on offer from German company, Montegiro. Its retro good looks might even tempt you to slip on some sixties gear and mix yourself a dry martini while you’re selecting an LP!

This slick piece of audio equipment consists of aluminum and black acrylic cones, interwoven to create a unique space-age look and includes an inverted turntable cone which has an acrylic platter. The lusso is driven by a precise, high-end synchronous motor which is contained within one of the cones. The height-adjustable cones connect to each other with a separate cone holding the carbon tonearm.

There are several versions to choose from, a basic model consists of three cones and a ten-inch Da Vinci Nobile carbon arm whilst the top-of-the-range model consists of four cones and two tonearms including a nine-inch SME 5009 tonearm.

Musically, the lusso sound is billed as "precise, crystalline highs with a weighty, generous base providing high-quality and balanced sound".

Of course such high-end audio art doesn't come cheap - the top model will set you back €30,000 (around US$47,000).

Via Luxist.

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