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Heated bus shelter encourages commuters to make a connection


March 12, 2014

The heated bus shelter in Montreal that encourages commuters to reach out to each other

The heated bus shelter in Montreal that encourages commuters to reach out to each other

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With the mercury in Montreal lucky to make it above 0° C (32° F) at this time of year, Duracell has provided city commuters a way to keep warm by literally reaching out to each other. In a PR move that it hopes will warm the hearts – and hands – of commuters, Duracell has constructed a bus shelter that will only turn on the heat if travelers hold hands with each other.

Instead of consciously avoiding eye contact and hiding behind a mobile device and a pair of headphones, commuters need to acknowledge each other's existence and cooperate to get the heat pumping. The bus shelter features positive and negative contacts that need to be connected to complete a circuit and kick the heater in the roof into action.

Because these contacts are located on either side of the shelter, commuters need to team up and hold hands – although some have opted for the less intimate prolonged fist bump – while holding the other hand against the wall of the bus shelter. This shouldn't prove any problem for those traveling with that special someone, but could provide some awkward moments amongst strangers. Of course, it could also result in meeting that special someone.

Some heartwarming scenes of commuters enjoying the warmth of the bus shelter can be seen in the video below.

Source: Duracell via Treehugger

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Hmm interesting. Kind of wish it just warmed up without the hand touching thing but still cool!

Daniel Bruce

Most of the people I "meet" at bus stops I would rather be cold than touch.


I can't think of a better way to facilitate the spread of contagious diseases.

Mel Tisdale

I think a better idea would be if there was weight sensors in the floor so that it turns on after a certain is attained. If one is trying to stay warm, exposing ones hands to the cold might not be a good idea. How many people would be willing to hold hands just to stay warm?


Yes, hold the homeless man's hand.

Jokes aside, I don't think we are evolved enough as a race to hold hands for warmth.


If this story had been posted 19 days from now, I would have dismissed it as a joke. Tough luck for someone who's alone or with a small child. The greatest need for heat, on average, will be after dark. Also when there is, on average, fewer people riding the bus.


Heartwarming concept. Thanks for sharing. who knows-shift can happen!


Or - One person could stuff a set of long jumper leads in the backpack and connect up for heat at will! Seriously, a very strange idea, who really wants to risk infection with all those viri (viruses?) spreading by hand contact? Or what if the person in the centre has a cold? Who has a hand free to get him/her a tissue?

The Skud

Two bits of aluminium foil with some masking tape and wire to connect the conductive plates and the heater is on permanently..


What a load of curmudgeons. Sod the viruses, smelly old folk - it warmed ME up and made me laugh out loud.


Suppose it is -10 outside and there is only ONE person in that bus shelter????

Azar Attura

What a lovely thing to encourage during "cough and cold" season. . . And what a vicious way to punish those who travel at less popular times, who might be alone in the shelter at the coldest part of the night. FAIL!

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