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App screens for autism by reading facial expressions

Autism & Beyond is a new study of childhood mental health powered by Apple's ResearchKit. Intended to detect autism and other developmental challenges, app users can participate in the study which aims to provide new technological tools to help parents screen their children at home.Read More

Technogym debuts "world's first" music-interactive treadmill tech

Quite a few people listen to music while using a treadmill, with the idea being that they'll walk/run more or less in time to the beat. Utilizing the Android-based Running Music feature on Technogym's Unity treadmill console, however, things are a little different – the music selection changes to suit the cadence of the user.Read More

Capsules made from seaweed could replace insulin injections

People with type 1 diabetes have to live with daily injections of insulin. As research progresses in this field, scientists are looking into new methods that can free, or at least partially free, patients from regular doses. One such method is pancreatic islet transplantation, something that researchers at Okinawa Institute of Technology and Science Graduate University (OIST) claim they have improved.Read More

Bioactive glass may find use in longer-lasting dental fillings

You might think that with today's composite dental fillings, once you get a tooth filled, it's good for life. According to the University of Oregon's Prof. Jamie Kruzic, however, "almost all fillings will eventually fail" – some within as little as six years. That's why he's part of a team that's looking into a longer-lasting filling material: bioactive glass.Read More

Fish oil found to convert fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells

Chock-full of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, fish has gained quite the reputation for keeping our hearts and brains healthy, but new research suggests it could also play a very active role in weight loss. Japanese scientists have found that fish oil converts fat-storing cells into critical fat-burning cells, which could help battle obesity as these cells decrease later in life.Read More


Review: QardioBase smart scale doesn't quite measure up

As someone who likes to stay in shape, I was looking forward to reviewing the QardioBase smart scale and body composition analyzer. The device sits alongside the QardioArm, a smart blood pressure monitor, and the QardioCore, a wearable EKG/ECG monitor, in Qardio's lineup, and was recently awarded a CES 2016 Innovation Award – the third for the company. Unfortunately, after receiving the QardioBase our enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration.

Read More

New marijuana breath test promises accurate readings of THC levels

Detecting marijuana by way of a road-side test seems an obvious enough measure as the legalization movement gathers momentum, but an effective technology is yet to really be established. Current approaches relying on blood and urine samples are unable to distinguish between somebody driving under the influence, and somebody that has simply used the drug sometime in the last month. But one US company now claims to have developed a breathalyzer system that can measure levels of THC in one's breath to determine how much a road user is impaired when behind the wheel.Read More


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