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Getting tattoos could help keep you from getting sick

Whether you love them or hate them, new research shows that tattoos might actually strengthen your immunological responses ... if you get enough of them, that is. Much in the same way that your muscles feel sore when you first start going to the gym, getting a tattoo can be exhausting, with the body's defenses lowered by the stress of the experience. But just as you'll feel less fatigued the more you exercise, the more tattoos you get, the more your body becomes able to deal with the experience, and the stronger its response becomes.Read More

Alzheimer's causes more diverse than previously thought

Researchers have been discovering more and more about Alzheimer's disease, and some significant progress has been made in bettering our understanding of the degenerative condition. Now researchers from Lund University in Sweden have shed a little more light on the disease, finding that an excessive buildup of amyloid beta isn't solely linked to hereditory factors. The work could lead to more targeted treatment plans for tackling the disease.Read More

Fruit and veg intake shown to have long-lasting benefits in cutting breast cancer risk

The general health benefits of eating fruit and vegetables are well known, but researchers have provided young women with yet another reason to eat their greens. A large-scale study carried out by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, which followed thousands of women for several years, has found a strong correlation between a high-fiber diet during adolescence and young adulthood and a reduced risk of developing breast cancer later in life.Read More

Existing drugs used to tackle dangerous new viruses

Scientists are constantly searching for new methods of combating harmful viruses, but it's not always necessary to create fresh drugs to deal with new threats. A team of researchers from the Universities of Leeds, Glasgow and Nottingham in the UK has found that a group of drugs currently used to treat conditions such as depression might also prove an effective means of combating emerging viruses.Read More

Natural plant pigment makes for diabetic-friendly bread

Good for news for people with diabetes, and it's edible, too. Scientists at the National University of Singapore have created a bread with anthocyanin, a plant pigment that helps slow digestion, which helps the body keep glucose levels in the blood under control. The team hopes it will help pave the way for a new market of healthier food products for people who have to manage their diabetes.Read More

Infection-fighting bandages may help treat serious burns

When a burn wound is healing, it's usually highly susceptible to infection, and bandages often make the situation worse, acting as breeding grounds for harmful microbes. A new bandage developed by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Luassane (EPFL) could improve the healing process considerably, accelerating the healing process, while stopping bacteria multiplying.Read More

This "intelligent coaching space" lets you see your crummy exercise form from all angles

Researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany have developed a virtual coaching system that promises to help athletes improve performance and treat mobility issues due to injury or illness. Called the ICSPACE (short for intelligent coaching space), the system uses a virtual avatar, 3D stereoscopic glasses, and reflective markers to allow the user to raise awareness about and fine-tune their own movement habits.Read More

HIV-prevention vaginal ring proves effective in African trial

While condoms and preventative drugs are effective at blocking HIV transmission, for women in developing regions like sub-Saharan Africa, such methods can be too expensive or impractical for continual use. A new treatment, which provides patients with a more long-term protective solution in the form of a drug-releasing vaginal ring, has proved partially effective in a new study.
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Testing system tackles common hamstring injuries

Hamstring injuries are one of the most common sports injuries affecting athletes. The NordBord Hamstring Testing System is meant to help prevent those injuries by measuring the hamstring strength of individual athletes, thus allowing their coaches and trainers to adapt their training accordingly and prevent injuries in the future.Read More

Hyperice aims to create a buzz with new muscle-loosening sphere

As most serious athletes will know, one of the keys to avoiding muscle cramps involves loosening up the soft tissues both before and after intense physical activity. While there are already balls and rollers that let people do so, Hyperice's new Hypersphere adds another dimension – its core vibrates at a high frequency, reportedly getting those muscles and tendons as loose as a goose.Read More


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