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Livi medication dispenser accesses the cloud to make sure you don't miss a dose

Keeping track of multiple medications can be challenging, particularly if they aren't all simple one-a-day doses. That's why South Carolina-based PharmRight Corporation has developed Livi. It's a cloud-connected pill dispenser that can manage a 90-day supply of up to 15 medications at once, letting users know when to take what, and letting caregivers know if they miss a dose.Read More

Open Bionics adds superhero appeal to prostheses for kids

Historically, those born without a hand or have one amputated can choose prosthetic devices that focus on realism and, for a steeper price, fine motor control. Open Bionics has unveiled several new designs for the youngest of prosthesis owners, and paired small size with kid appeal. Swerving away from realism, these prostheses are literally modeled after superheroes. Calling these the world's smallest bionic hands, Open Bionics argues that for kids it transforms being different into being cool.
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Robo-Washer Revolution cleans and dries hands, then recycles its water after each use

We got a glimpse of what future bathroom hygiene might entail last year, when inventor Donal Vitez took the wraps off his all-in-one handwashing and drying device. The prototype for the Robo-Washer was certainly rough around the edges, but the notion of plunging your mitts into some kind of one-stop hand sanitizing wonder machine was enough to catch our attention. Now Vitez is back with a revised Robo-Washer, which like its predecessor handles washing and drying affairs from beginning to end, but then recycles what little water it uses after each cycle.Read More

Lumo smart shorts offer real-time feedback on your jogging technique

While they do a fine job of keeping our dignity intact, the waistbands in our running shorts harbor more potential in the eyes of California-based Lumo. The wearables company believes there's some useful data to be gleaned by tracking movement in our hips and pelvis. Its Lumo Run smart shorts feature an array of sensors that tracks things like stride length, bounce and number of steps as you put one foot after the other, offering real-time advice on overall jogging performance and injury prevention. Read More

TruPosture smart shirt helps reduce back pain with real-time guidance

Those who have suffered through any type of back pain know it's not a fun feeling. Given the amount of sedentary slouching at desks and/or strained hunkering over display screens done on a daily basis, it's a wonder that more people haven't been afflicted by the pinch of poor posture. Adela Health has just unveiled TruPosture, a shirt that's designed to help reduce back pain by improving the way we sit.Read More

Software automatically tunes powered prostheses to the user

Powered prosthetic legs are a bit like supercars – they're brilliant pieces of engineering, but they need regular expert care to keep them at peak performance. That can be an expensive and time-consuming necessity, so biomedical engineer s at North Carolina (NC) State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are developing an algorithm that automatically tunes artificial limbs while walking.
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Discovery of fat breakdown trigger opens door for new obesity treatments

While it's known that the brain is responsible for instructing our fat stores to break down and release energy as we need it, scientists haven't yet been able to pin down exactly how this process plays out. Leptin, a hormone produced by our fat cells, travels to the brain to regulate appetite, metabolism and energy, but it hasn't been clear what communication was coming back the other way. New research has now uncovered this missing link for the first time, revealing a set of nerves that connect with fat tissue to stimulate the process in a development that could lead to new types of anti-obesity treatments.Read More


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