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Discovery of fat breakdown trigger opens door for new obesity treatments

While it's known that the brain is responsible for instructing our fat stores to break down and release energy as we need it, scientists haven't yet been able to pin down exactly how this process plays out. Leptin, a hormone produced by our fat cells, travels to the brain to regulate appetite, metabolism and energy, but it hasn't been clear what communication was coming back the other way. New research has now uncovered this missing link for the first time, revealing a set of nerves that connect with fat tissue to stimulate the process in a development that could lead to new types of anti-obesity treatments.Read More

Allen Band to bring wearables to senior monitoring

Wearables are great for monitoring fitness and, now, a firm is now using the same tech to monitor senior wellness. Schrock Innovations' Allen Band will provide alerts to caregivers in the event of falls or health problems, and is being pitched as an alternative to senior monitoring services that charge monthly fees.Read More


Review: Adlens Adjustables glasses change focus to suit the user

It's always handy having a spare pair of glasses on hand, but paying for a second set of prescription specs is something that most of us would prefer not to do. Well, that's where Adlens Adjustables come in. They're inexpensive glasses that can be focused by the user to (more or less) match their prescription. We recently gave them a try, and can tell you that they work ... but you probably won't want to use them as your primary glasses.Read More

New test developed to determine your biological age

An international study appears to have created a test that can determine the biological age of a patient's body. The research – undertaken by King's College London (KCL), the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and Duke University in the US – could have a broad range of applications, including improving screening techniques for age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's, allowing doctors to begin treatment earlier in the process.Read More

Motion sickness could be avoided via a zap to the scalp

While many of us may have experienced a bit of queasiness on unusually rough flights or boat trips, some people suffer from extreme motion sickness even under relatively calm conditions. Although medication can help, it also causes side effects such as drowsiness. In a few years, however, there may be a preferable alternative ... which users would stick to their head.Read More

Perch desk stands on adaptability

Sit-stand desks are an adjustable twist on the standing desk that allow users to switch between the two positions. The Perch is a take on the idea that cleverly combines simplicity, affordability and adaptability.Read More

Kinsa's Smart Ear Thermometer promises simplified health tracking

It's bad enough that the flu can make one feel pretty terrible, but the young, the elderly, and/or those with existing health conditions tend to experience the worst that such sicknesses have to offer. Just in time for the US flu season, Kinsa has announced its second-generation smart thermometer that's designed to read temperatures from the ear, track illness symptoms, and help people take actionable steps.Read More


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