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Health and Wellbeing

Sonic toothbrush

If wine, coffee, tobacco and other substances have dulled your pearly whites somewhat, this high-tech toothbrush might be just the solution. The HD-500 toothbrush uses sonic waves to fight plaque.  Read More

Litebook defeats jetlag

Most frequent travellers suffer from jet lag (dysrhythmia), which occurs when the body clock is not synchronised with an air traveller's new time zone, causing the disruption of more than 50 physiological and psychological rhythms. Studies show that jet lag worsens with age, particularly after age 50. Until recently, jet lag was dismissed as merely an unpleasant side-effect of air travel, but new research suggests that it also causes memory loss, shrinkage of parts of the brain and negative side effects on blood pressure. In one study, jet lag has even been implicated in the incidence of cancer. The common symptoms of jet lag are fatigue, poor concentration, trouble sleeping, irritability, minor depression, altered estimation of time and distance and digestive problems.  Read More

Advanced Neuromodulation Systems

Advanced Neuromodulation Systems release an implantable pulse generator for chronic pain management  Read More

Homedics Select Therapist Deluxe

If you've ever bought something which claimed to be a massager and found it to be fragile, weak or better designed for more delicate vibrational purposes, you will be pleased to know that the Homedics Therapist Select deluxe is the first massager we've found which is designed to work on serious muscle mass.  Read More

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