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HawkEye drug-recognition tool aids law enforcement

January 5, 2008 The AcuNetx HawkEye law enforcement system, which magnifies and records tell-tale signs of drug intoxication in a suspect’s pupils, has been awarded two separate patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The tool is now being used by highway patrol officers and at sobriety checkpoints across the U.S.A.Read More

Lifestraw mark II - push to expand distribution of upgraded lifesaving invention

December 3, 2007 We have previously examined the remarkable potential of the Lifestraw - a personal water purification device that avoids the need for electricity by utilizing the sucking power of the user to kill disease causing micro organisms and filter bacteria, delivering the immeasurable benefits of clean water to anywhere on the planet. With estimates putting the number of daily deaths that result from unsafe drinking water at 6000, there's no questioning the potential of the Lifestraw to alleviate misery and since our first encounter with the device, manufacturer Vestergaard Frandsen has upgraded the specifications in response to feedback from the field. Read More

Avurt IM-5 non lethal self defence pepper gun

November 1, 2007 The Avurt IM-5 launcher is a flashlight sized non-lethal self-defense device that has a longer range than Tasers and aerosol-based pepper spray. The USD$299 laser sighted launcher fires pellets filled with PAVA powder at distances of up to 40 feet, burning the eyes, nose and throat of the target.Read More

Digital smoking: indulgence without the side effects?

September 25, 2007 Over the past few years smoking bans have swept across the globe preventing patrons from lighting up in bars, clubs and restaurants. Necessity being the mother of invention, some tech-savvy companies have developed ways that not only allow smokers to keep up their habits in public, but also aim to deliver a nicotine fix without the adverse effects on their own health or that of others. Read More

COOLINE personal evaporative cooling vest

August 29, 2007 This thermal cooling vest from COOLINE has been developed to meet the concern of climate related health issues and combat the enormous stress heat can cause on the human body. Worn under or over everyday clothing to cool the body directly, the vest is designed as a functional piece of clothing that is simply filled with water from the tap and uses evaporative cooling to regulate body temperature. Read More

Steamless Infrared sauna

August 22, 2007 Infrared saunas that use radiant energy to heat the body directly are gaining attention in the international market. These products are seen as a more beneficial and therapeutic sauna experience, use far less power, operate at significantly lower temperatures and according to promoters, they are far more effective at releasing dangerous toxins from the human body... and importantly with recent models like the Sahara from Di Vapor, you can also listen to your MP3s. Read More

Mindfit: innovative brain exercise game for adults

August 14, 2007 Games designed to make you think better are beginning to become a very important part of the market and along the way they're bringing more people from traditional non-gaming markets into the genre. The latest offering from Oxford University spin-out company, Mindweavers, is a series of 'brain exercise' computer game products which use innovative software that alters brain function.Read More

Is your sunscreen doing you more harm than good?

August 9, 2007 In sun-drenched regions the skin protection message has been strongly delivered for years: overexposure equals skin cancer. Despite the warnings to cover up the Skin Cancer Foundation warns that more than 600,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the U.S. and skin cancer is responsible for 8,500 deaths annually. Paradoxically, suncreens themselves have been identified as a contributing factor in this dilemma, with new products like UV Natural promoting themselves as a safe alternative to other creams on the market which may be doing more harm than good in the ongoing battle against the sun’s harmful rays.Read More


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