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The P-Mate enables women to urinate upright

The P-Mate is disposable paper device which enables women to urinate easily while standing up. It is in common usage in Europe since launching four years ago and is marketed as a convenient, hygienic, portable, leak proof, discreet, no-brain solution to the bad sanitary and problematic circumstances which continually confront women, particularly at mass gatherings. The P-Mate has become an entrepreneurial success story in Holland where Moon Zijp conceived the P-Mate while traveling in Indonesia, designed it at the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam and commercialised it to national and global acclaim as a clever solution to the long queues and dirty toilet seats with which women are so often confronted with in daily life. That’s Moon demonstrating her invention on Dutch National television, one of many performances which caused a lot of gaiety and attention during the P-Mate’s launch period.  Read More

The Gray Kangaroo

September 16, 2005
The Gray Kangaroo

September 17, 2005 Now this makes a lot of sense, particularly if you like to drink liquor and want to minimise the damage it does to your body, reduce the hangover, take the edge off your moonshine or significantly improve the quality of the liquor you drink. We’re not sure just how well it works but the press reviews so far seem very promising, and … oh, what is it? The Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter uses a carbon-based filtration system to filter out impurities – just stick an empty bottle in the bottom and a full bottle of cheap plonk in the top and voila! … Additional filtration to remove the impurities is one of the processes involved in the manufacture of expensive liquor – the idea is that by using this US$30 filter you can make cheap liquor taste as good as the top shelf stuff.  Read More

Gillette introduces a five blade shaving system

September 16, 2005 The US$2 billion dollar shaving market was energized yesterday when market-leader Gillette announced it will introduce a five blade razor. Apart from being the first five blade razor, it is the world’s first razor to feature advanced technology on the front AND back of the blade cartridge. On the back of the cartridge is a Precision Trimmer blade enabling the approximately 40% of US males sporting some form of facial hair to trim, shape and shave under their nose. Though Gillette has approximately 70% of the global shaving market, Schick has been making inroads recently with a temporary injunction against false advertising claims by Gillette for its M3Power razor (currently the top selling razor in the U.S.), Gillette’s inability to legally prevent Schick selling its four blade razor by arguing that the patent it holds for three-bladed razors extends to four-bladed razors, and the news a fortnight ago that Schick would introduce a powered model of its four blade razor.  Read More

Samsung set to launch Silver Nano Wash system that kills 99% of bacteria

August 31, 2005 Samsung’s Silver Nano Health System has been applied to a new range of front-loader washing machines that are launching later this year in Australia. A breakthrough function, ‘Silver Wash’, kills 99 percent of bacteria in the wash load and coats the clothes with antibacterial protection which lasts for up to 30 days. To feature on five flagship front-loader models from 5kg to 7.5kg capacity, Samsung’s patented Silver Wash is the first technology that combines disinfectant and antibiotic properties in washing machines. When activated, the Silver Wash releases up to 400 billion silver ions during the first wash and the last rinse cycle. After the wash cycle is completed, Samsung claims that the washed clothes are totally devoid of bacteria. Whereas some other brands use a silver ion coating on the washing machine drum, Samsung claims its approach is far more effective as it ensures that all parts of the clothes are penetrated with the silver ions, rather than short-term surface contact by only some of the clothes on an otherwise silver ion coated drum.  Read More

Disposable battery-operated toothbrush

August 31, 2005 You might find this hard to believe, particularly after we gave Oralbotics a bollocking for their overly zealous copywriting, but we’ve been trialing the new Oral-B Pulsar Manual Toothbrush for over a week now and we’re all incredibly impressed. Three people have been trying out the battery-operated toothbrush, and the company’s claims that the Pulsar will “redefine clean” have moved from ridiculous to reasonable . Specifically, the brush gives a result that has never been attained by any method of teeth cleaning this side of a dentist, and it is so good at getting in between teeth that you could almost go without flossing.  Read More

“Mini-hospital” for seniors and people requiring medical monitoring – worn on the wrist

August 29, 2005 Israel-based Tadiran Spectralink has used its considerable mobile communication expertise to create a portable “mini-hospital” to make life easier for at-risk patients, chronically ill patients and people requiring nursing care. The company which is best known for its Advanced Data Links for Guided Weapons Systems, UAV datalinks, satellite communications and personal survivor radios for adventurers and the military has leveraged this expertise to develop a medical device that lets patients monitor their health and call help when there is no doctor around. The device, which is worn on the wrist like a watch, uses biosensors to continuously check vital functions, which are then transmitted by an embedded Siemens GSM/GPRS radio module to a medical center for further analysis. This innovative device will become available early in 2006 under the name MDKeeper.  Read More

Oralbotic Research's HydraBrush cleans both sides of the tooth at the same time

August 28, 2005 In an age where only the most outrageous advertising claims are legally challenged, it’s easy to become anesthetised to the hyperbole of “whiter than white” copywriters describing every new technology as breakthrough, every reshaped component as innovative and every new version as landmark. So excuse us if we’re reserving judgement on the new HydraBrush Express, which is billed by the company as "The Future of Home Oral Care." Now it looks great and doesn’t at all appear like the toothbrush we all grew up with, so that’s what attracted us, but perhaps our readers can be the judge of whether they’ve gone over the top with the press release: “The distinctive, multi-brush design ensures users of any age RECEIVE proper oral care every time they put this brush in their mouth. No more twisting and turning to brush those hard to reach areas. HydraBrush Express brushes all surfaces of the teeth automatically in 40 seconds or less.” In the high tech brush’s favour are a parent company with a very cute name (Oralbotic Research) and some real cred comes from winning the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "2005 Oral & Dental Care Product of the Year Award." So if they can rein in the copywriters, they’ll probably do okay.  Read More

VIDSTONE - Multimedia Tombstone Enhancement

August 23, 2005 Woody Allen’s take on death probably mirrors the thoughts of most of us: “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying.” In reality, the best we’re likely to do is to be remembered as we see ourselves and now there’s a fledgling industry hoping to help people and their loved ones do just that - create and deliver tributes and messages from the grave. Though home moviemaking has been around for decades, the full possibilities of multimedia to create a lasting memory and tribute have certainly not yet been fully explored though Florida-based VIDSTONE is now planning a full suite of memorial products ranging from a tribute video production service, specialist multimedia software for creating life tributes at home and a solar-powered, weatherproof multimedia system inside the gravestone.  Read More

The STRESSERASER: handheld biofeedback device to offer relief from physical, mental and em...

August 23, 2005 The StressEraser is a handheld biofeedback device designed to calm the mind and relax the body at any time, anywhere. The StressEraser incorporates cutting-edge biofeedback technology to provide mental calm and physical relaxation, even during intense stress and difficult life events. The announcement was made at the 113th annual convention of the American Psychological Association, being held from August 18-21. Later this year, at the conclusion of an ongoing series of pilot tests and studies, the StressEraser will become available for purchase for US$399 on the StressEraser web site.  Read More

The paraSITE - an inflatable shelter for the homeless that runs off expelled HVAC air

Artist Michael Rakowitz feels strongly about the issue of homelessness. So strongly that when he focussed his creative attentions on the subject he began manifesting practical outcomes, specifically the ParaSITE. The parasite is a is a small, collapsible, double-membrane shelter that uses the escaping warm air from a building’s HVAC system to inflate and warm the temporary home. Rakowitz has now been nominated for a prestigious Index Award for the paraSITE and his work is far from finished. We invited Michael to explain the project.  Read More

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