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Regrowing major body parts

March 18, 2008 You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone and that goes doubly when there’s a limb amputation involved. We have always marvelled at the Salamander’s ability to regrow lost limbs – this fascinating article details the history and progress of work in the area of regenerating limbs. Read More

Aquatic Fitness Systems' advanced swim spas

March 11, 2008 Aquatic Fitness Systems has taken a multi-faceted approach to the low impact benefits of training in the water by incorporating walking, running, stretching, rowing and strength training functionality into its line of luxury swim spas. Read More

Samsung and adidas miCoach fitness phone

March 6, 2008 It is inevitable that one day our mobile phones will monitor the body’s key functions - ubiquitous usage of such a device moved closer this week when Samsung and Adidas announced the miCoach mobile phone. The miCoach comes with a stride sensor (pedometer) and heart rate monitor, enabling the phone’s software to monitor your workouts and advise/push you with a voice-simulating personal coach. Despite concepts from Nokia and Microsoft, and add ons from Kiwok and Alivetech , the miCoach is the first phone with heart rate functionality, so it is a milestone.Read More

Second Sight announces milestone in groundbreaking retinal implant trial

February 20, 2008 It has to be among the most powerful examples of the miraculous potential of modern science and technology - restoring sight to the blind. Following approval from the US FDA last year, Second Sight Medical Products Inc has now announced that enrollment is complete for the first phase of clinical trials on a system that restores a basic level of sight to sufferers of retinal eye diseases. Enrollment at key European sites also underway. Ten subjects have been recruited for the Phase I trial of the second-generation electronic retinal implant known as The Argus II, which is capable of restoring rudimentary vision using an external camera and transmitter mounted in eyeglasses linked to a tiny array of 60 electrodes that are attached to the retina.Read More

INADA’s Sogno chair delivers full-body shiatsu massage

January 30, 2008 Japanese company INADA has introduced Sogno - a full-body massage chair that uses infra-red scanning to identify shiatsu acupressure points on your body and then delivers a massage which feels like you’re being pummeled and manipulated by a real masseuse. Read More

The canned cheeseburger – fast food in the wilderness

It’s unlikely to become a major competitor for McDonalds, but the world’s first cheeseburger in a can is the epitome of fast food, having been designed so adventurers can have a touch of comfort cuisine when they are a long way off the beaten track – just throw the can in hot water, wait a few minutes, open and eat. Sold under one of Katadyn’s best known brands, Trekking-Mahlzeiten, a subsidiary company that develops specialist ready-meals for the outdoor, expedition and extreme athlete markets, the offbeat product has a 12 month shelf life and is part of a range of high tech nutrition and survival products that includes a powdered alcoholic red wine, powdered chocolate mousse and the most remarkable of all, Peronin, “fuel for the bloodstream.”Read More


Electronic Contact Lens promises bionic capabilities for everyone

It’s not often in this era of rampant technological innovation that a fundamentally new concept surfaces with groundbreaking societal implications, but that was the case this week with the news that engineers at the University of Washington (UW) have used microscopic scale manufacturing techniques to combine a flexible contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights. Ultimately, such devices promise the bionic capabilities we became familiar with in the Terminator movies and Bionic Man TV series: optical zoom eyesight, recording what we see (quite literally), effectively invisible heads-up high resolution computer displays, genuine GPS-based augmented reality and a complete real-time health monitoring system with visible read outs. Thanks to the team headed by UW Electrical Engineering Professor Babak Parviz, these concepts are now not just viable, but likely in the foreseeable future. Gizmag spoke with Parviz about the project …Read More

Fashion with bite – Taser’s new C2 stunner with MP3 player holster

January 11, 2008 It seems we mistakenly thought that convergence meant we were supposed to be carrying less gadgets rather than more gadgets, but Taser launched a new range of stun guns in a range of female-focussed colors at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, adding yet another must-have for those who wish to ensure their personal safety – the Taser MPH (Music Player Holster), which is a combination 1GB MP3 player and Taser C2 holster. In addition to the leopard print, other new Taser C2 colors include red-hot red and fashion pink.Read More

Human Touch Portable Massage Pad: take relaxation with you

January 7, 2008 Massage is considered a great tool for an active and healthy lifestyle and in recent years a number of effective, purpose-built massage chairs have appeared on the market. These devices do suffer from one drawback however - you can't take them with you. The solution from Human Touch is to go portable - its new HT-1470 back massage pad is specially designed to fit on almost any sofa, home or office chair, providing a go-anywhere, heated massage to knead out tough knots and keep the blood flowing at any time of day.Read More


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