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Health and Wellbeing

Horseback Riding Machine

Go horseback riding for a few days and you'll understand why all those rodeo Marlboro man types packs Men's Health abs. Riding stimulates seldom-used muscles in the dorsal and abdominal regions and brings many core health benefits, the most appealing being that the user gets fit without actually having to do anything. Based on the above, Japanese manufacturers of exercise machines are releasing a new range of machines which are proving to be quite a success story in Japan. Aimed at a wide range of people from those who suffer from lifestyle injuries, to the middle-aged and older generations, these new exercise machines have one very special facet to the way they are used: the user does not need to do anything.  Read More

Teeth cleaning, without a toothbrush, or water

Brushing one's teeth is a reviving experience which some of us just can't feel comfortable without. Now there's a new type of toothbrush which could extend the custom considerably - The Oral-B Brush-Up slips onto the human finger and performs most of the functions of a disposable pre-impregnated toothbrush except it doesn't need water. The textured teeth wipes give you a clean mouth and fresh mint breath when you're on the go-no water or sink required.  Read More

Contact lenses you wear at night for daytime benefits

Paragon Vision Sciences has been granted approval by the US FDA for its Paragon CRT Corneal Refractive Therapy contact lens - this new approach involves wearing special contact lenses overnight to achieve corneal reshaping for the temporary reduction of myopia.  Read More

Navigation system offers travel autonomy for the blind

A new device which enables blind people to navigate without other assistance promises unprecedented autonomy for the sight impaired. The Tormes system is a small computer using the Sonobraille platform, which includes a Braille keyboard and voice synthesiser, plus several navigation technologies to give a high degree of positioning accuracy. The system can be queried and responds with verbal directions, like any GPS device in a car, but weighing less than one kilo it can be carried over the shoulder. It can be used in two ways: to guide the user to their destination or to tell them where they are as they walk around.  Read More

Omron software scales track weight management

Omron has created an ingenious set of bathroom scales which combines a built-in, clip-out, pedometer and a software package to enable the monitoring of exercise and overall bodily health.The clever bit which enables connectivity to the PC is the pedometer which clips out of the scales so you an carry it with you to monitor the steps you take, then transfer the data to a PC via a USB connection on the pedometer. The scales also use bioelectrical impedance to calculate body fat percentage and this can then be tracked over time to see the results of your efforts - far better than measuring just weight.  Read More

Microsoft plans network through human body

Microsoft has been awarded a patent for a technology that uses the conductivity of the human body to create a network. The patent covering transmitting power and data using the human body was awarded in late June and is a fascinating insight into the type of personal network we may all be using within a few years, in the words of a company which will almost certainly be one of the defining players in the evolution of human computing.  Read More

Given that we spend one third of our lives asleep, it's an area that has not had quite the attention it perhaps deserves, or so Japanese giant Matsushita Electric Works (MEW) seems to think. MEW has been working in the biosciences area for two decades and devotes a lot of effort to developing health-related devices and began showing its Suimin (sleep) room to the public for the first time on July 1. The EMIT Suimin System uses a controller with a built-in program to adjust the room environment to induce a quality sleep by systematically controlling lighting, bedding, HVAC and AV equipment. No-one who has spent the prescribed 30 minutes in the room has not yet fallen asleep.  Read More

Ventracor - the heart-assist machine of the future

Imagine building a car engine which had to run faultlessly for 50 years or more, could never be turned off, must maintain a consistent ultra-reliable 3000rpm, must never overheat (a tolerance of zero degrees), and could never be serviced. Despite 100 years of automotive technology development, it...  Read More

Telehealth a New Solution to Healthcare for Aging Adults

Viterion TeleHealthcare has demonstrated a pilot program designed to address the growing requirement of home care agencies to link the use of telehealth technology to improved cost and patient outcome benefits.  Read More

French company bioM'rieux has announced the launch of FoodExpert-ID, the first high-density DNA chip for food and animal feed testing. The FoodExpert-ID test, powered by Affymetrix GeneChip technology, will make it possible to verify the animal species composition and the authenticity of raw or processed food and animal feed.  Read More

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