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The Talking First Aid Kit

July 29, 2005 If you’ve never done a first aid course, the chances are that a first aid kit would be of little use to you in an emergency. Given that the majority of people haven’t the foggiest idea about first aid, the talking first aid kit makes a lot of sense, particularly if it’s you with the sudden, potentially life-threatening injuries. Intelligent First Aid is designed to help people, with little or no first aid training, provide assistance to an injured person in the crucial minutes before professional help arrives. The kit includes individually wrapped packs of supplies critical for common injuries, such as bleeding, breathing problems, or broken bones. The audio chip affixed to each injury card takes the technology a step further – just press the button and it narrates step by step instructions to manage the injury, pausing and repeating when necessary.  Read More

KWIKTOP: The bottle combination lock

July 13, 2005 We’ve all seen and heard horror stories of what can happen with shared refrigerators and opened bottles of drink in such environments, be they in the family or extended family home, in the workplace, in schools, colleges and universities, in sporting clubs, bars, nightclubs, backpacking and travelling – sometimes it’s a joke, sometimes it’s just someone having a mouthful of your drink and with the advent of Rohypnol and other clear, odourless, tasteless drugs it can be much worse. Now there’s a simple solution to prevent someone leaving their cooties or worse in your drinks. It's a bottle combination lock.  Read More

MetroNap PODS - power napping for productivity

July 12, 2005 MetroNaps is a new take on an old idea – providing purpose-built comfortable facilities for a daytime powernap in city locations. The concept of daytime naps was once a ritualistic part of all our lives as children and in many latin and equatorial countries, the siesta is still a part of the culture. Even NASA has investigated the benefits of controlled naps and found was that performance was improved 34 percent and alertness improved 54 percent.  Read More

Citizen releases personal doctor healthcare system

July 6, 2005 As the world ages, the health care system will come under a lot of pressure in coming decades and with one of the oldest populations, Japan is more accutely aware of this than any country. hence, we suspect, the reason for this latest device which could be a portent of things to come in all nations - home health care devices. Citizen Watch and its subsidiary Citizen Systems Corporation have developed what is being marketed as a personal doctor home health care management system which will go on sale in Tokyo this Friday. The system comes with a blood pressure monitor, PC computer software for health management and tracking of the main vital stats and a wireless connection kit which transmits the readings from the blood pressure monitor to the PC.  Read More

New Lens Technology Helps People With Aging Eyes To See More Clearly When Looking Down

June 28, 2005 With the world’s baby boomers beginning to experience the inevitable symptoms of aging eyes, selecting the right eyeglass lenses is an issue that goes beyond trendy looks. According to recent studies, the ability to see clearly when looking down has been linked to an increased risk of slips and falls. Fortunately for boomers who want to maximise their visual ability and avoid the tell-tale aging signs of reading glasses or bifocals as a solution for aging eyes, a new breakthrough technology is available in progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, which combines the benefits of a single-vision look with an expanded field of view.  Read More

The staircycle – a mobile stair climber

June 28, 2005 Combining many of the key features of a scooter, a bicycle and a stair-step exercise machine, the staircycle has just won Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Think Big contest and a bundle of publicity not to mention ten million free adverts on the Yahoo! Network. Accordingly, if you hate the idea of going nowhere while you’re exercising and prefer stepping to cycling, this’ll be just what you’ve been looking for. Priced at US$795 the Staircycle can be used indoors or outdoors as it comes with an additional mounting device to turn it into a stationary stepper machine at an extra US$200 – there’s also a childrens version at US$595.  Read More

New Spray Impacts Perception of Age - takes an average six years off a woman's age

June 15, 2005 If perception is indeed the ONLY reality, then Alan Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (STTRF) appears to have invented the legendary “elixir of youth” and it’s not a magical potion, and doesn’t require injections or surgery. It only works for women and it only works on men, but a few sprays of the STTRF Timeless View is all it takes to change the perception of men about a woman’s age. A preliminary clinical study has found that men perceived women who wore this formula to be an average of six years younger than their actual age. Bottles of the claimed “revolutionary fountain-of-youth mist” are selling over the web for US$29.95 for women who wish to "spray away the years."  Read More

Food Tasting Robot

June 13, 2005 One of the really scary things about NEC’s Papero robot is all the capabilities it keeps adding and what it eventually may become. We had a good look at Papero last year and we were very impressed with its English-Japanese translation capabilities in conjunction with its personality and social skills – now a new variant of Papero has been shown at EXPO 2005 in Japan and this one is a “health food adviser robot” which analyses any food you give it using infrared spectrum analysis and reports on the fat and sugar content.  Read More

Czech scientists sustain human stem cells in original 'blank' state

June 10, 2005 Czech scientists have made significant new breakthroughs in stem cell research. Dr. Petr Dvorak, scientist with the Institute of Experimental Medicine at the Czech Academy of Sciences, says his research suggests embryonic stem cells maintained in a universal or 'totipotent' status can, under certain conditions, be used to develop any type of cells in the human body, a key component to realising the full potential of stem cell therapies. The Institute has also seen several other stem cell research breakthroughs, most notably developing a procedure that uses stem cells to repair the brain and spinal cord employing nanotechnologies as a labeling-and-delivery mechanism.  Read More

Truth in advertising

June 2, 2005 If you’re an average person with a fundamental understanding of the laws of physics, you’ll no doubt from time to time leap off the couch when you see the claims of a television commercial and scream “that is utter bollocks!” It seems some people agree with you, at least about Gillette’s US advertising claims about its new M3Power razor. Judge Janet C. Hall of the United States District Court, District of Connecticut, yesterday granted Schick a preliminary injunction against false advertising claims by Gillette for its M3Power razor. Judge Hall determined that Gillette's claim that the M3Power raises hair up and away from the skin is both "unsubstantiated and inaccurate." The court found that that the product demonstrations in Gillette's advertising are "greatly exaggerated" and "literally false."  Read More

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