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A voice from the grave,  cyber style

April 29, 2005 Australian Internet Company EVOL launched its new online messaging service this week and though the technologies employed are not new, the concept is quite interesting as the messages are primarily intended to give users a voice from the grave. The idea came when entrepreneur Andrew Chan was regularly travelling overseas and on one particular outward-bound trip, was mindful of leaving his young family behind. He had a legal will in place, and his assets and insurance policies would ensure he had provided well in the event of an accident, but he still felt there was more he could do, and in that space created by 12 plus hours of international flight, he conceived an on-line messaging system to deliver final and important audio and video messages to significant others.  Read More

New Contact Lenses for ASTIGMATISM enables consistent all-day vision

April 28, 2005 Disposable contact lens specialist Vistakon has announced the availability of the first silicone hydrogel daily wear contact lens for individuals with astigmatism, a common vision problem experienced by millions of children, teenagers, and adults. The Acuvue Advance For Astigmatism utilises a new stabilisation technology that harnesses the natural pressures of a blinking eye to balance the lens in place while the eye is open and quickly realign the lens if it rotates out of position, providing patients with astigmatism with consistent, all-day vision and comfort. Most currently available soft contact lenses worn by individuals with astigmatism are prone to rotating with the eyelids' movements, causing wearers to experience some blurriness or fluctuation in vision. The new lenses also feature Hydraclear, a proprietary technology that combines an oxygen-rich material with a moisture-rich wetting agent that gives the lenses a moist, smooth feel.  Read More

L'Oreal Paris Introduces the First Mass Market Men's Anti-Aging Line of cosmetics

March 10, 2005 L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise, the leader in technology-driven skin care treatments, has announced an April 2005 launch of the first comprehensive men's anti-aging line to hit mass market retailers nationwide across America. The announcement is significant as mens cosmetics has been a small niche market until now and L’Oreal’s lead could precipitate a general change of perception towards mens cosmetics.  Read More

UltraCane uses ultrasonic echoes to offer spatial awareness to the vision-impaired

March 9, 2005 The Ultracane is a new electronic mobility aid that might look like the old white cane for visually-impaired people but adds a remarkable array of technology to enable the person to see objects around them. It works exactly the same way that bats "see" using ultrasonic echoes to provide users with the ability to "feel" objects in their environment through the cane's vibrations. The UKP399 Ultracane is getting rave reviews from all those who try it.  Read More

Displays for user interaction can be integrated into every-day appliances like a bathroom ...

February 28, 2005 At the TEDMED conference late last year, Philips showcased MyHeart, a European project led by Philips with a budget of EUR 33 million and 33 project partners, among them Nokia, Vodafone, Medtronic and the Mayo Clinic. MyHeart is a research consortium that is studying options for smart electronic solutions and associated services that empower people to play an active role in maintaining their health. The project aims to make a significant contribution to the emerging market in products for consumer health and wellness.  Read More

AWOL releases single user machine

February 26, 2005 Alcohol WithOut Liquid (AWOL) has launched a small portable, home version of the controversial commercial AWOL machines launched last year into pubs, clubs and bars. The personal AWOL machine will be named AWOL 1 and will be priced at US$299, a significant reduction from the commercial two and four person AWOL machines, priced at US$2595 and US$2895 respectively. The price reduction has been enabled by substituting the oxygen generator used in AWOL 2 and 4 for an air compressor used in AWOL 1. Both methods deliver alcohol into the bloodstream in the same way - a method that has caused controversy on both sides of the Atlantic, though some US states seem intent on taking silliness to new extremes.  Read More

'Last Resort' Parachute for High Rise Structures

February 26, 2005 It's a scenario made even more frightening by graphic television footage in recent times - trapped at the top of a burning building with exits cut-off facing the gruesome choice between jumping or perishing in flames. Developed as a "last resort" in such an emergency, Evacuchute is specifically designed and engineered for building evacuations - the static line parachute is automatically deployed in less than 1.5 seconds and moves the individual away from the building to ensure a safe, low-impact deployment and a controlled descent at low altitude.  Read More

Intelligent mirror shows what you will look like in 5, 10, 20 years

February 14, 2005 Accenture Laboritories is working on an intelligent mirror that analyses your behavioural patterns and can show you what you'll look like in five years time. The mirror is designed as a health-aid to assist people in visualising the long term outcomes of their behaviour and modify their behaviour accordingly. In actual fact, the mirror is a computer-driven LCD screen that captures your image with a digital camera and then based on what the entire system is monitoring of your lifestyle and behavioural patterns - the complex mix of diet, exercise, calorific input, activity levels and the amount of social drugs such as alcohol, tobacco et al imbibed and so on.  Read More

Toothbrush Sanitizer by Philippe Starck

January 2, 2005 A report by the U.S. Surgeon General in September 2000 directly linked oral hygiene to general health. The findings concluded that a single toothbrush can harbour millions of microorganisms that translate into bacteria - bacteria which thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom. The VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer & Storage System was created to address these problems. Most people simply rinse their toothbrush after each use and put it in a cup or holder, believing that they have removed these bacterial threats. This is not the case. As the Centers for Disease Control stated in their January 2002 report, "Even after being rinsed visibly clean, toothbrushes can remain contaminated with potentially pathogenic organisms." In addition, brushes kept in a common holder may cross-contaminate one another, spreading colds and flu among family members. The VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer & Storage System is a consumer product that utilises a Germicidal UltraViolet (UV) bulb - the same technology used in hospitals and dental offices - to eliminate germs and bacteria.  Read More

'BrainGate'  Brain-Machine-Interface takes shape

December 7, 2004 An implantable, brain-computer interface the size of an aspirin has been clinically tested on humans by American company Cyberkinetics. The 'BrainGate' device can provide paralysed or motor-impaired patients a mode of communication through the translation of thought into direct computer control. The technology driving this Brain-Machine-Interface breakthrough has a myriad of potential applications, including the development of human augmentation for military and commercial purposes.  Read More

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