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Health and Wellbeing

Australian Bionic Eye approaches human trials

Wednesday September 10, 2003: Researchers at the University of Newcastle are at the forefront of international research into ways that new technology can be applied to restore sight to the blind. By using a tiny electronic circuit to deliver controlled, electronic stimulation to the surviving nerve cells of the retina, the team hope to replace some of the physiological events that take place on a normal, healthy retina.  Read More

GPS-Enabled Personal Training System

Saturday August 23, 2003: The Forerunner 201 is an integrated personal fitness tool that uses a GPS sensor to provide users with a range of precise data including speed, distance, jogging pace and calories burned. The GPS sensor provides latitude, longitude and altitude data...  Read More

Dual Sports wearable MP3 + heart rate monitor

Friday June 27, 2003: Dual Sports has integrated a heart rate monitor, digital watch, FM radio and voice recording capabilities into an MP3 player that can be worn during athletic activity.  Read More

New fruit label indicates ripeness

2 January 2005 The next few years will see the development of many new forms of intelligent packaging, capable of far more than the labelling and branding roles packaging has served until now. Intelligent packaging that changes colour to indicate the ripeness of fruit it contains is destined for our supermarket shelves this year. Developed in New Zealand, ripeSense packaging technology is expected to bring significant efficiencies to the fresh fruit industry, reducing wastage and forever eradicating the old selling process of selling loose, usually unripe, fruit into bins, where it is bruised, squeezed and prodded to determine its ripeness.  Read More

Modafinil - the time-shifting drug

The wonders of pharmacology keep appearing regularly, each new drug seemingly too good to be true. In recent times there have been several killer apps for the drug industry – chemical substances that replace depression with a happy disposition or bolster a flagging sex drive to royal command performance (with encore) levels. Prozac and Viagra provided benefits so compelling they have entered everyday language and have a global following. Now there’s another “drug-most-likely-to-succeed” – this one enables you to stay awake for 40+ hours with close to full mental capacity with few side effects  Read More

The VeriChip is the
 size of a grain of rice

As reported way back in the first issue of Gizmo, US-based Digital Angel has produced the VeriChip, an implantable computer chip which monitors human biometric functions and transmits the data with GPS technology. The VeriChip has now been approved for human medical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America, opening up the age of implantable technology. The VeriChip system is already being used in a variety of innovative solutions, including monitoring the vital stats of at-risk patients, farm animal management systems, locating stolen property, managing commodity supply chains, monitoring the location of parolees and providing a tamper-proof means of identification for enhanced e-commerce security. The FDA's green light of the VeriChip will help doctors access stored medical information about their patients and speed delivery during medical emergencies.  Read More

FAB Card prevents allergy reactions in restaurants

Not all innovations that have the potential to save lives are high tech, as the new FAB card proves. With More Than 11 Million people suffering from food allergies annually in the United States alone, the New Food Allergy Buddy card simply instructs chefs about which ingredients to avoid for particular patrons. Launched earlier this month, the FAB Dining Card is a free and personalized ingredient card that restaurant patrons can present to waiters and chefs detailing and easily communicating their food allergies. Chefs will then alter their recipes accordingly to ensure patron food safety. Consumers can log onto to easily enter in their allergy information. They may then print out numerous business-sized cards that easily fit into their wallet or purse. There's no cost for the service or the cards, which are available in adult and children's designs. Users are assured that the information entered into the FAB system is not collected.  Read More

Ferrari unveils a gym machine

Ferrari is one of the world's most valuable brands, bestowing its values of success, style and engineering prowess on any product wearing the prancing horse logo. In recent times the licensing department has been working overtime as Ferrari has collaborated in the design of everything from digital cameras to notebooks. Now Ferrari is now entering the fitness market with the Unica, a multi-purpose fitness-training machine.  Read More

Miniature robot for exploring your inner self (quite literally)

A fantastic journey in medicine is beginning with recent advances in miniaturisation by Japanese company RF System Lab. The Norika 3 RF Endoscopic Robot Capsule brings the body alive with live video of the patient's gastrointestinal system. Norika 3 uses a 1/6 inch colour 410,000-pixel CCD camera inside a micro capsule that is swallowed by the user. Image technology allows for variable focus by disc type magnets and a profound and dynamic range of microscopic data. The capsule camera travels through the digestive system and can be controlled by rotor coils for tilt control by remote operation with a joystick. Lighting volume can be adjusted and switched to infrared spectrum for multiple analyses.  Read More

The 1st Class Sleeper

The 1st Class Sleeper is a new and vastly improved design based on the same principles as theold blow-up neck support that gives some respite from the discomfort of an extended flight in cattle class. The light weight pillow folds to the size of a travel umbrella and is great for supporting your back, neck and head when you are in any recliner, though it clearly has a market as an in-flight accessory above all others. The First Class Sleeper can be purchased on-line at the company's web site for US$ 49.95  Read More

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