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Simulated sunrise: the Glo Pillow concept

Designers Eoin McNally and Ian Walton have come up with the concept of a ‘Glo Pillow’ that uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface of the pillow to wake the user with light. Forty five minutes before the alarm is due to activate, the pillow begins to glow. The light intensity increases gradually from 0 lux to 250 lux, simulating a natural sunrise and helping to calibrate the body clock by waking the body naturally. The LED fabric substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the pillows surface using a grid of LEDs inside the pillow. Read More

The Biniki – a bra for your butt

April 30, 2008 Heightening the ever-increasing pressures to conform to someone else’s ideals is this new invention known as the Biniki – put simply, it’s a bra for your butt. The patented Biniki is a US$30 series of straps you wear around the waist and under your bum cheeks to shape, tone, lift and support your derriere and the effect is significant and instant. There’s also a US$40 version for men (the Maniki) and a Throng, a US$30 device worn to achieve the same underwear-less look as a thong without having to floss in all the wrong places. We’d have to agree that a biniki-toned and lifted derriere certainly looks better, and we even suspect that sales of this new invention might well take off as it appeals to that well-known weak link in the human psyche, vanity.Read More

Tests demonstrate effectiveness of BioSentry water monitoring system

April 22, 2008 The World Health Organisation states that one billion people lack access to clean drinking water, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes this number will rise. In the developed world, the issue is one of monitoring and maintaining the fresh water supplies that already exist, and that's where systems like JMAR Technologies’ BioSentry water monitoring system come in. Biosentry uses laser-produced, multi-angle light scattering technology to identify individual microorganisms, eliminating the need for consumables or reagents and is able to detect bacterial pathogens up to 25 times better than any other water monitoring system according to recent test results from the U.S. EPA.Read More

Thirst Aid – on-the-fly water purification

Pure Hydration’s Thirst Aid makes a lot of sense. If you’re ever inclined to go adventuring, particularly where the water is dodgy or outright dangerous, the robust pouch is light and does the job on the spot – just pour in the dirty water, wait a while, and then squeeze out the clean water. Good for 300 liters.Read More

‘George’ the life-sized wound model

The University of Hertfordshire in the UK is striving to improve patient care and reduce hospital infections through use of a life-sized wound model dubbed “George”. The model was designed to assist learning about patients with chronic who represent around 200,000 individuals in the UK at any one time, according to the Tissue Viability Team in the University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery. Read More

"Put that gum back in your mouth Johnny"

April 10, 2008 A recent study on the effects of a new chewable mint that mimics the cavity fighting properties of saliva has found a 62 percent decrease in cavities in children using the product.Read More

Specialized fruit energy drink for athletes

HortResearch has already developed a biosensor that measures hormone levels in saliva in real time to indicate to athletes whether they should train more or less. Now it is developing a new fruit-based product which could dramatically increase muscle power and delay fatigue. Clinical trials are underway on a fruit-based energy drink which tested off-the-charts in initial experiments. Isolated muscle tissue was exposed to fruit extracts, after which an electrical impulse was delivered. The results showed that muscle power was increased up to 70% and fatigue delayed by up to 20%. The company is currently in talks with international sports teams interested in trialling the drink and with specialist nutrition companies about a possible launch. Read More

My Beating Heart comfort pillow and meditation aid

March 25, 2008 Our mother’s heart was the first sound we heard, so a heartbeat is one of the most reassuring sounds we know. My Beating Heart, is a heart-shaped pillow with a computer and heartbeat generator inside. Turn it on, and the heartbeat it creates gradually changes rhythm, entraining the user and modeling the heartbeat of a person in a deep meditative state. The holder is induced into a state of peace and calmness – an ideal meditation aid, a great way to relax, meditate, daydream, or nap and “must have” for a any child we’d have thought.Read More

Solving the drug price crisis

March 24, 2008 The mounting U.S. drug price crisis can be contained and eventually reversed by separating drug discovery from drug marketing and by establishing a non-profit company to oversee funding for new medicines, according to two MIT experts on the pharmaceutical industry. Stan Finkelstein, M.D., senior research scientist in MIT's Engineering Systems Division, and Peter Temin, Elisha Gray II Professor of Economics, present their research and detail their proposal in their new book, "Reasonable Rx: Solving the Drug Price Crisis," published by Financial Times Press.Read More

Interactive non-drug treatment for ADD and ADHD

March 19, 2008 Interactive Healing Centers, a facility dedicated to helping children with attention deficit and hyperactive conditions, has announced a non-drug treatment technique for ADD/ADHD. The technology teaches the brain to retrain itself through a specialized computer program that monitors brain wave patterns. The program then guides the brain through a conditioned response and a gratification technique, resulting in a normal brain wave that reduces or completely eradicates the ADD/ADHD response.Read More


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