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CMOS sensors move on up to medium format in Hasselblad H5D-50c


January 21, 2014

Hasselblad's H5D-50c will be the world's first medium format camera to feature a CMOS sensor

Hasselblad's H5D-50c will be the world's first medium format camera to feature a CMOS sensor

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While most compact cameras have made the switch from CCD to CMOS image sensors in recent years, medium format cameras have been a hold out – until now, that is. Hasselblad has announced its new H5D-50c will be the world's first medium format camera to pack a 50-megapixel CMOS sensor.

The new model is based on Hasselblad's H5D-50, but trades that model's 36.7 x 49.1 mm 50-megapixel CCD sensor for a CMOS sensor that the company's product manager, Ove Bengston, says "will offer a faster capture rate; longer shutter speed capability and much greater ISO performance. It will provide greatly improved Live Video in Phocus and will be available with Multi-Shot functionality."

Hasselblad promises to release more details on the H5D-50c in March, but don't expect it to be cheap. The current H5D-50 sells for over US$25,000.

Source: Hasselblad

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With top end DSLR cameras touching around 30 million pixels at a fraction of that cost Hasselblad will be hard pushed to sell this model, Having grown up with Hasselblad cameras I know what to expect from them but realistically its going to be hard to sell 50m pixels at 25,000 plus lenses plus other add ons. Not sure its actually worth it in the end. I have a D3 and I'm getting better results with that than I did with my 500C and scanned transparencies.

Richard Unger

Isn't the increase in pixel density obviating any need for the sort of extra-large negative area that medium format was invented for? Does any camera manufacturer out there know how long it will take for a 35mm-sized digital sensor to have as many pixels as a medium format negative?

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