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Hammock Bliss Sky Bed claims to put campers flat on their backs


June 29, 2013

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed creates a flatter surface for sleeping

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed creates a flatter surface for sleeping

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While hammocks can certainly be comfortable option for campers, many will quickly miss the flat, supportive surface of their beds at home and may even opt to forgo the hammock for a night on the ground. The new Hammock Bliss Sky Bed uses a unique design intended to make suspended sleeping more comfortable.

Hammock Bliss creates a flatter surface for sleeping, more similar to a bed or camping mat. It calls the Sky Bed the world's first truly flat two-point hammock and uses an asymmetric design to provide the flat surface for campers to lie down on. The Sky Bed includes a built-in sleeping pad sleeve, which accommodates both foam and inflated pads to add insulation and support.

The Sky Bed is made from ripstop nylon reinforced at the seams with webbing. An integrated bag serves as both carry sack and a flashlight/gear holder at camp. The entire Sky Bed weighs 23 oz (652 g), which includes 100 in (2.5 m) of integrated hanging rope on each end.

Hammock Bliss introduced the Sky Bed last week. It is available now for US$94.95.

Source: Hammock Bliss

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I hate to bust any ones bubble but the Brazilians have known about this for 300 + years. "Lie corner to corner the Brazilian way and sleep with a flat back." :|

Arnold Stonehouse

So the invention is to use the hammock the way it is supposed to be used from the start? The correct way to use a hammock is to sleep sideways in it. A bit sideways are more cheating. So easier to teach people to use a product correctly. (But good for them to make some thing "new" out of peoples ignorance)

Toffe Kaal

This isn't new or unique. The Hennessy Hammock has been using a asymmetric design to create a relatively flat sleep area for at least 10 years. Many backpackers, myself included, have enjoyed the comfort of the Hennessy in the backcountry.


I have to agree with Toffe. I don't really see the advantage of this hammock over lying diagonally in a typical string hammock. I've been correctly using Mayan-style hammocks for over 30 years and they are as flat as you would want them to be. And at half the price, I might add.


If you want a true lay flat hammock, you need to try a bridge hammock, like the Ridgerunner at warbonnetoutdoors dot com. Like the other posters have said, the "Sky Bed" is simply a regular hammock that you lay in at a slight angle. You can do this with any hammock, but you still won't get as flat a lay as you would with a bridge hammock.


I am a hammock camper. I have slept in about 20 different hammocks in varying conditions. I will not claim to have been in a bridge hammock (I don't want to carry poles). There is a different hammock for each set of conditions. My Hennessey is nice, but it was expensive, and I do not like sleeping with my head on the side that it forces me into. I am also not crazy about entering through the bottom, but I hear they now have options. As for the Mayan style, have you ever tried to take it back packing? I hope not. It is huge and quite a mess if anything gets tangled in it. I have a Sky Bed and I sleep better in it than any other hammock that I own. I can be comfortable on my back or on my side and I do not suffer from cold spots where my sleeping bag it compressed under me. It is not my first choice for warm nights as it can be a little warm, but anything in the low 70's or below, it is awesome.

mark 21
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