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Gyroboard: a springy, spinny balance board for off-season training


March 8, 2012

Gyroboards adjusts for all experience levels

Gyroboards adjusts for all experience levels

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Hailing from New Zealand, "land of the extreme," the Gyroboard is a balance board for general exercise and off-season training that appears to have the potential to become a fun hobby on its own. Gyro Enterprises, the brains and bills behind the device, says that it helps your core strength, balance and coordination. It can be used for injury rehabilitation, sports training, fitness, etc. The board simulates the movements of board sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, so it's a good way to practice in the comforts of your own backyard or home.

Unlike the average balance board, the Gyroboard moves in several different ways. It spins 360 degrees and can also tilt front to back and rock side to side. Users can adjust both the tilt angles and spin to meet their needs and ability level. The spin can also be slowed down or stopped completely, and the tilt can be limited to certain angles.

The board's four legs are detachable, allowing it to pack up into a carry bag. As they use push-button pins to attach to the base, there are no tools involved in taking them on or off. The whole package weighs about 18.7 lbs (8.5 kg), so you can pack it up in the car and use it at the park, beach, friend's house, etc.

The Gyroboard comes in three different versions. The FDLS-BL2 flat plank is a larger model aimed at injury rehabilitation and general fitness use. The FSBD-BL2 hybrid board combines some of the shape of a skateboard with a larger, flatter surface area, and the SBD-BL2 is basically a skateboard deck on a spring. Each model retails for US$300, and is available in countries around the world.

An article about a funky board like this wouldn't be complete without some action footage, so check it out below.

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What do you get if you suck ALL the fun out of a skateboard? Gyro board. This is the most useless thing on Gizmag ever.

The Hoff

I own one in NZ. Very cool for all board sport training. It does what it says. Gives you better leg and core strength. They using the Gyroboard for pre injury prevention and for treating ACL injuries. A lot of top physios are using them all around the world. Even the All Black Physio has one I was told. Taking the fun out of skating. Yea right... maybe ya should try one before dishing an awsome KIWI INVENTION

Graeme Dubar
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