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The humble guitar-stand gets a clever revamp


October 15, 2008

RKS Gig Stand GII

RKS Gig Stand GII

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October, 15, 2008 While they are a must have on stage, most guitar stands out there are either so over-designed that you almost need a trailer to transport them or, more commonly, so flimsy that they won't support your axe and inevitably fall apart - and even then they are an awkward shape to lug around when folded down. This design from RKS solves the problem.

The RKS Gig Stand (now in its second generation) was designed for a client requiring three things from the stand - it had to be light, sturdy and a portable enough to fit into a guitar case or gig bag. The finished product does all those things. Firstly, tubular metals with unreliable telescopic joints are dropped as the construction material of choice in favor of ABS plastic with a reinforcement grid pattern for extra rigidity. Secondly, a two hinge design that folds like a book and then into itself like a pocket knife was chosen. Finally, a soft rubber over-molding and non-skid feet bumpers were then added and presto - an elegant solution is born.

The patented Gig Stand is manufactured with 30% recycled materials and the G II model is reinforced to increase strength and reliability.

Via RKS Design.

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