Don't call it a doughnut: The Guangzhou Circle Mansion


January 16, 2014

The Guangzhou Circle Mansion (Photo: Joseph di Pasquale architect)

The Guangzhou Circle Mansion (Photo: Joseph di Pasquale architect)

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Italian architecture firm A.M. Progetti recently completed work on a circular-shaped skyscraper based in Guangzhou, China, dubbed the Guangzhou Circle Mansion. Despite its appearance, the building's design bears no relation whatsoever to tasty dough-based treats.

Guangzhou Circle Mansion has a total floor space of 85,000 sq m (914,000 sq ft), spread over 33 floors, and is 138 m (452 ft) high, with the circular hole measuring 48 m (157 ft) in diameter. The building currently serves as home to the Guangdong Plastic Exchange, and also hosts several exclusive office units, plus a hotel.

According to the architects, the unusual double-disc design was inspired by the iconic value of jade discs in China and the numerological tradition of Feng Shui. Gizmag's knowledge concerning the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is rather lacking, so we're going to take that on faith.

Additionally, when reflected in the nearby river, the building's shape also corresponds to the number 8, which is an admittedly very nice touch for this arguably gaudy project. The number 8 is considered especially lucky in Chinese culture, and A.M. Progetti correctly points out that the Beijing Olympics kicked off at exactly 8:08 am, on 8-8-2008, for that very reason.

It seems that not everyone's a fan though, as Sky News reports that locals refer to it as "the flashy rich people's circle."

Source: A.M. Progetti via Arch Daily

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Tape dispenser.


Gizmag does not know about Feng Shui? Use the other "G' word - Google it! - Or, if you can still trust it, Wikki it.

The Skud

Ok, I'll call it a washer.


This one looks so much better:


If you think this is a doughnut, or a washer, you probably don't realize that you may have been missing on some golden opportunities during your life :-) because this is actually the representation of a golden coin! In older times, coins used to have a hole at the center making easy to carry many strung together.


very ugly, look like a giant trash.


looks like a subway token

Gary McMurray

Perhaps it is a giant Life Saver? (not sure on the flavor. :) ).

Perhaps it is a giant Chinese coin? They are round with a square hole in them.

Pehaps it is a giant non-moving ferris wheel? ;)


Good job it wasn't built on a slope. A thing that size could roll for miles.

Mel Tisdale

Homer Simpson has put a bid on an apartment here.

Steve Lane

Steampunk Krispy Kreme. But with less taste.

Bruce H. Anderson

Mmmmmmmm........ doughnut............ :))


yep its a doughnut

Richard Unger

Not only is it an ugly building, but the location is in a poor industrial area on outskirts of guangzhou. I drive by it often.

Scott Brown
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