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Griffin HELO TC Assault loaded with firing missiles and Android support


January 19, 2012

Griffin's latest version of its HELO TC toy helicopter comes with Android support and twin missile launchers

Griffin's latest version of its HELO TC toy helicopter comes with Android support and twin missile launchers

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It's another typical day in the office when your co-worker conspicuously begins to play "Ride of the Valkyries" on high volume. Before you can react to the strange shift in tone, you hear the "thwip thwip" sound of a helicopter coming your direction, as if you've stumbled into a cubicle version of Apocalypse Now. Next thing you know, a bright light shines over your cube wall and in your face, blinding you right before you spot two missiles launching straight at you ... which then bounce off your chest since they're made of plastic. You've just become the latest victim of the HELO TC Assault, the newest toy helicopter from Griffin that includes Android support and twin missile launchers.

Griffin's latest toy helicopter is basically an updated version of the last HELO TC, but with Android compatibility and a sleeker design. The most important new feature, though, would have to be the dual missile launchers and six included missiles that let you rain plastic fury on your enemies from above. Like the previous HELO TC, the Assault version comes with twin rotors and a Flight Deck that attaches to your mobile device through the headphone jack, to send commands to the chopper via infrared. Pilots simply need to download the accompanying app and either use the touchscreen or tilt their smart device to steer.

The app not only provides the necessary controls for maneuvering and even activating the missiles and bright LEDs on the front, but can also record up to three flight plans that can be stored and repeated later. It also features an Auto Land button that will bring the copter in for a safe landing on its own, after a successful mission of terrorizing your coworkers.

The HELO TC Assault helicopter will be available later this spring (northern hemisphere) for US$59.99, through Griffin's website.

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US $59.00, wow! I love GIZMAG. Thanks.

David Nichols

Can\'t wait until its available :)

Joe Sobotka

How about being able to drop a bunch of GI Joes in little parachutes? Or even a little lighter fluid with a sparking device (napalm?)? Useful to get rid of unwanted paperwork coming your way....

Charlie Channels
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