Super-slim NANDrive SSD with SATA interface now sampling


November 11, 2010

Greenliant Systems has developed a new embedded NANDrive storage solution that incorporates a SATA controller

Greenliant Systems has developed a new embedded NANDrive storage solution that incorporates a SATA controller

Greenliant Systems has announced that it is currently sampling a new SSD storage solution that's been combined with a SATA controller. The embedded NANDrive form factor is suited to deployment in mobile computing products, set-top boxes and networking systems and includes advanced security features, S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, and low power consumption.

The GLS85LS family of embedded solid state NANDrive storage solutions now come with a SATA II interface and is being manufactured in capacities ranging from 2GB to 64GB. Greenliant Systems is currently in the process of sending out commercial-grade samples to a select group of device manufacturers, but is also working on an industrial-grade drive for applications that require an SSD solution to withstand extreme temperatures.

The 14 x 24 x 1.85mm and 145 ball grid array, 1mm ball pitch package arrangement caters for "easy, space-saving and cost-effective mounting" on boards in devices such as tablet computers, test and measurement instrumentation, servers, black box recorders, GPS and telematics devices and so on. Its low power consumption also suits such deployment, with active-mode as low as 500mW and sleep mode getting down to just 10mW.

Greenliant has created a GUI for S.M.A.R.T. monitoring and analysis that offers custom alerts indicating the remaining useful life of the unit, has included integrity protection to address NAND data retention issues, and created advanced algorithms to help maximize the unit's operational lifespan.

Advanced security features include a "unique device ID, password protection and four independent zones that the user can set to different protection levels," and users are given the option to erase specific sections of the drive instead of having to clean the lot.

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Oogy-boogy - damn that\'s small. I want one - 64G please & thank you...

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