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Abu Dhabi International Airport lets travelers rest up in cocoon-like GoSleep pods


May 12, 2013

Ten GoSleep pods have been installed at Abu Dhabi International Airport to give weary travelers a private place to rest up

Ten GoSleep pods have been installed at Abu Dhabi International Airport to give weary travelers a private place to rest up

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If you’re a claustrophobic insomniac, the GoSleep sleeping pods probably won’t be of much interest to you, but for international travelers fighting with jet lag and tight schedules, being able to rent a private place to kip for an hour can be godsend. Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) announced last week that it has installed ten of the Finnish-designed GoSleep pods at Abu Dhabi International Airport to provide passengers with individual sleeping quarters while waiting for flights.

Though billed as a “world first,” the GoSleep pods aren’t the first people lockers. Such mini-hotels have already been installed in airports and other places around the world, but the GoSleep opts for a highly compact design with a chair that converts into a flat bed and a roller blind to enclose it and cut off noise and light and provide a bit of privacy.

Ten GoSleep pods have now been installed in Terminal Three and in the Al Dhabi Lounge in Terminal One at Abu Dhabi International Airport, with 35 more due for installation later this year. After a run-in period, the pods will be upgraded with internet access, secure storage for luggage and charging points of for laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

The pods can be rented by credit card for about US$12.25 an hour.

Source: ADAC via Daily Mail

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So where the hell does your carry-on luggage go


as long as these have adequate storage space for carry on i'm in.

David Anderton

Brilliant idea!


Keep the bag between your feet... even if you sleep, nobody will take it here in Abu Dhabi.

Giolli Joker

Abu Dhabi was really needing something like this, it could never be the hub Emirates wants it to be when it doesn't have enough seats or electrical plugs (which most are awkwardly placed in the middle of empty corridors).

I fear smells though.

João Martins

Good idea. Looks stylish. But claustrophobic. I don't understand why it could not have bee made with a higher Roof and dark tinted glass where you can see out but others can't see in.

There really was really no need to resemble an egg. The space could have been used for hand carry luggage, your own notebook, and a snack table. Even surround speakers..

Other airports are now going to outdo these, by simply being more functional without sacrificing style.


Something similar should substitute uncomfortable airliner seating.


If the pod's arockin don't come aknockin?

Mr E

Seems like a fairly inefficient use of space, particularly valuable window space.

A Japanese-style "coffin motel" would give a little more space and privacy, while being far more space-efficient.

Jon A.

My first thought was if you can make those water resistant, and have a well to do backer, then handing them out all over the world to homeless people would be a godsend to them. I betcha that the claustrophobia wouldn't bother them! I can just hear the protests now, though! ;-) "it's too good for them" or "they'll just sell them for drugs" or "it'll just contribute to their laziness" or.. hell, there's a million others that people that think they're better than the rest have used.. I, however, think it's a great idea.. and even for the better off segment of society,, I'd rather rent one of these than a hotel room just to sleep in.. no wasted space.. and heck, it's even got a TV.. looks like luxury to me ;-)

Doc Rock

"If the pod's arockin don't come aknockin?"

tampa florida

Put some wheels on it and you can drive to and from the airport.

Ulrich Duenzl

Hammocks would be better idea. I always travel with my own and if I can hang my hammock somewhere while travelling I will do it. Airports should have artificial hammock trees so travellers could use their own hammock and cleaners would have less work.

Henry Van Campa

Should install in the mid range class or economy class. My return flight fm Dublin, the seats cushion was bad is not providing comfort to sit for a long flight more than 3 hours. Hope some improvement to it. Thanks & regards. Fu Qiang

Fu Qiang

@ezeflyer and @Fu Qiang What about going a step or 2 further? Esp. making use @JonA's 'coffin motel' configuration, so it's easier to maintain ability to get in/out when they're all stacked up.

Check-in to your pod in the airport pre-boarding. Airports are equipped with pod handling systems to get them from airport to plane and back. As long as the handling systems can do this smoothly and safely (!).

Pods are stack-loaded into plane. (Think 5th Element) You could even design planes which allow pods to be slotted in from the outside.

This isn't about squashing more people and weight onto the plane. Using a honeycomb structure, you could probably stack them 3 or 4 high, while using the same floor space as a traditional 3-seat economy class row. So it's not going to increase numbers, but it should still be possible to achieve current passenger densities.

The aim is purely to improve the process of loading and unloading planes, and minimising hassles associated with transit etc. - both for the airline and for the passenger.

From the passenger perspective, you can check-in and snooze uninterrupted in a proper bed, all the way to your destination - even if you have to change planes. And benefit from awesome in-pod VR entertainment systems. You can even use the in-pod systems to get your duty-free purchases delivered to direct to your pod-door.

Safety? Pods could be inherently better for crash survival (e.g. crash-resistant pod shell, equipped with full-surround airbag).

Getting out could be an issue ... I'd want an emergency ejection system that would fire your pod out of the side of the plane, with its own integrated parachute/location beacon. How cool would that be?

Your pod becomes your liferaft in case of ejection-over-sea On land, it helps absorb any remaining shock on landing, before opening up to let you step gently out onto terra firma (or half way up a tree, or wherever you happen to be)

Hell, you've even still got your hand luggage and shoes with you!


Kind of silly; how about a simple cube room for more privacy.

Robert Moore

what happens when slides don't open and get stuck? will the plane wait?

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