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Joby ups the intensity with new Gorillatorch Blade


October 11, 2010

The Gorillatorch Blade hangin' around

The Gorillatorch Blade hangin' around

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Joby’s Gorillatorch line has been removing the torches from DIYer’s mouths and underarms for a while now with its original 65-lumens Gorillatorch, which was joined earlier this year by the more powerful 100-lumens Gorillatorch Flare. For the latest addition to the line Joby has again upped the light intensity with the new Gorillatorch Blade. The Blade features the instantly recognizable flexible legs that are found on all Gorillapod tripods, along with a long-lasting CREE XLamp XP-C LED producing up to 130 lumens of light output, which can be adjusted from spot to flood.

The Gorillatorch’s distinctive legs coupled with powerful neodymium magnetic feet give the Blade ultra-precise positioning capabilities when wrapped around a pipe, hanging upside down from a car hood, or just sitting on a workbench. The neck of the torch can be panned 360 degrees and tilted 180 degrees to allow light to reach those hard to illuminate places, while the torch casing and neck are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it light, durable and scratch-resistant.

The Gorillatorch Blade comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a USB cable and AC adapter, all of which are covered by a one-year warranty. Joby is selling the Blade for US$59.95.

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The magnetic feet are a WIN.

Matt Rings
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