GoRigIt lets you mount your GoPro on your iPhone


July 31, 2014

A GoRigIt prototype in use

A GoRigIt prototype in use

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Despite the ever-increasing popularity of the GoPro Hero actioncam, there's still not even one model of the darn thing that has a viewfinder. Users can buy a $70 add-on LCD screen, although if they're using a newer Hero, they can also just utilize its Wi-Fi connectivity to view the camera's output on their existing smartphone. The GoRigIt case makes it easier to take this approach, but joining the phone to the GoPro.

The Hero's included mount can be easily clicked in and out of a receptacle on the back of the GoRigIt, allowing the camera and case to become one composite unit as needed. This means that the camera can't then also be mounted onto something like a helmet or handlebars, although the case's designers tell us that they're working on a two-way mount that will allow it to do so.

Currently in working prototype form, plans call for the production version of the case to be made of clear polycarbonate (just like the GoPro housing itself) with a soft silicone insert to cradle the phone and seal out moisture – for now, the designers aren't able to say exactly how waterproof it will be.

The first version will fit the iPhone 5c/5s, although models for the iPhone 6 and popular Android phones are in the works.

The GoRigIt company is currently raising production funds for its product, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$39 will get you one, when and if they're ready to go. You can see the prototype in use, in the pitch video below.

Potential backers might also want to check out the similar GoPhone.

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The only problem with using your iPhone as the viewfinder is the huge delay between what you are recording and what you see on the screen. If this delay was shortened significantly then this would work.


The GOPRO gets really good video. Im kind of surprised that there is no way to add lenses. You could actually make a decent film on a SEMIPRO-GOPRO

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