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GoPro releases LCD screen module for HERO actioncam


February 1, 2011

GoPro has just released an add-on LCD screen module for its HERO HD actioncam

GoPro has just released an add-on LCD screen module for its HERO HD actioncam

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GoPro’s HERO HD actioncam has been probably the best-known and most widely-used actioncam for a few years now, but it’s always had one limitation – the lack of an LCD screen. While the camera’s 170-degree fisheye lens is sufficient to capture most of the action, there are always those situations where users want to check exactly how the shot is lined up, or that their recorded footage worked out the way they hoped it would. The company’s response was a promised add-on LCD screen module, although HERO owners have been waiting some time for that gizmo to show itself. Well, they need wait no longer, as GoPro announced today that its LCD BacPac is available for purchase.

The LCD BacPac clips into an already-existing expansion port on the back of the camera – it will not work with the new HERO 960, however. Because the screen will increase the overall thickness of the camera, a deeper replacement back door for its housing is included with the module – in fact, there are actually four doors included in the kit: watertight doors for both the regular and wrist-mounted versions of the camera, and lighter, non-waterproof “skeleton” doors for both models.

Users can play video back at regular speed, along with fast forward and fast reverse, view stills that were shot in photo mode, and also hear the audio of their footage through a built-in speaker with volume control.

GoPro’s LCD BacPak is said to be the first in a line of expansion modules available for the HERO. It’s available now for US$79.99 through the company website, and should be in stores soon.

Watch this space for an upcoming hands-on review.

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