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GoPro releases Dive Housing for HERO actioncams


May 14, 2012

GoPro has just released the Dive Housing, which reportedly allows HERO actioncam users to ...

GoPro has just released the Dive Housing, which reportedly allows HERO actioncam users to shoot sharply-focused underwater video

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Although you may have seen plenty of underwater videos shot using the GoPro HERO actioncam, its lens was never really designed for underwater videography – as we previously illustrated in a video report, the footage sometimes looks a little fuzzy. As of today, however, would-be Jaques Cousteaus can now purchase a dive-specific GoPro housing that promises sharp images.

The Dive Housing features a large flat lens, unlike the usual GoPro domed lens. This apparently solves the fuzzy-underwater-pictures problem, and in fact the approach has already been implemented in several third-party HERO-compatible products.

It fits all models of the HERO, and is watertight to a depth of 197 feet (60 meters) – just like the regular housing. Included are a variety of mounting gizmos, a lens cap, and a tether string.

GoPro Dive Housing (Photo:

The housing is available at various retailers and via the GoPro website, for US$49.99.

Source: GoPro

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