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GoPro launches the Fetch camera harness for dogs


August 26, 2014

The GoPro Fetch is a harness that lets GoPro user's mount their cameras on their dogs

The GoPro Fetch is a harness that lets GoPro user's mount their cameras on their dogs

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GoPro users have used their devices to film from all sorts of places, including inside washing machines and in a pan while poaching eggs. Now, they can find out what the world looks like from the perspective of their dog. The company has released the Fetch, a camera harness for man's best friend.

There are other camera mounts for dogs available, but the Fetch is the first offered by GoPro itself. The Fetch harness provides a means of attaching a GoPro to either a dog's back or chest and is adjustable to fit dogs from 15 lb to 120 lb (7 - 54 kg).

The camera mounts built into the harness are compatible with GoPro Hero cameras and hardware for mounting is supplied with the harness. A tether is also supplied to ensure a user's camera remains tied to the harness should the mounting kit fail or be broken by a dog's rough and tumble.

GoPro says the Fetch can be used in mud, snow, water and wooded conditions and that the mount is designed for durability. It can be machine or hand-washed if (or more likely when) the need arises.

The Fetch is retailing for US$59.99 from GoPro and other selected stockists.

The video below provides an introduction to the Fetch camera harness.

Product page: GoPro Fetch

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Woof! Want one!

Mike Giles

I'd want to capture my dog jumping off the dock...:) She goes in no matter who drives by in a boat these days...or when we throw a noodle or ball out for her. very cool


Can imagine pig or bird hunters would consider this a handy accessory.


Considering what and where my dog goes sniffing, I think they should provide a video editing suite as part of the deal.

Mel Tisdale

I'm sorry, but it looks like it needs a LOT more work/design.

Someone somehow forgot that dogs get into things like brush, bushes, small trees, etc. It looks like no thought was given to the fact that dogs get into brush...and that that camera set up is going to hang up on all sorts of stuff.

I'm sorry...but I don't think much thought was given to the dog camera design at all, and that's a shame. I wonder why.

Dan Lewis
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