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Jailbreak developer routes iPhone notifications to Google Glass


May 22, 2013

iPhone-owning Google Glass owners may soon be able to get notifications ... as long as they're willing to jailbreak

iPhone-owning Google Glass owners may soon be able to get notifications ... as long as they're willing to jailbreak

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Only a select few already have Google Glass in their hands ... or, rather, on their faces. But if you are an early owner of Glass, you’re much better off with an Android phone, as an iPhone can do little more than route calls to the smartglasses. That may soon change, though, with some help from the jailbreak community.

As the folks at 9to5Mac tell us, developer Adam Bell has been tinkering with Google Glass and his jailbroken iPhone. The result? He can now route all iPhone notifications – iMessages, emails, tweets, etc. – to Google Glass’ heads-up display.

As you’ll see in the video below, it works as you’d expect it to. After a few seconds of delay, any iOS notification will pop up on Glass. You can swipe through the notifications on Glass, as if it were an officially supported solution.

MyGlass replacement

Speaking of which, this functionality works out of the box on Android – via Google’s MyGlass app. There isn’t yet an official Glass app for iOS, so iPhone-owning Glass owners were left with limited features. Or at least they were before this tweak came along.

It’s possible that the App Store will eventually get a MyGlass app, but given Apple’s strict guidelines – and its dicey relationship with Google – we wouldn’t expect to see it before Glass ships to the general public.

... and honestly, that makes sense: Glass gets a lot of attention these days, but only a very small portion of people actually have it. If they can each pay US$1,500 for the wearable computer, surely they can also spring for an Android phone.

Availability, video

Bell plans on uploading the tweak to GitHub within the next few days, and might also eventually release it in Cydia. You can see more of this tweak in the video below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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I already turn my cell phone off every so often to enjoy some peace and quiet. And I'm so not going to get some of these once they are on sale.

People want to be immersed even farther away from reality? Really?

There's already too many earplug wearing zombies stumbling around, and I'm really not looking forward to having even more of them step into my pathway because of being visually distracted, on top of all else.

I only see a sad future with people in a crowd getting robbed and nobody notices, or someone having a heart attack and nobody helps.


@BeWalt or someone getting robbed with everyone having recording of the crime for the authorities, or someone having a heart attack and everyone having video instruction on how to help while hands free.


@BeWalt from what I've read of Google Glass it's not about escaping reality. It's about augmented reality. In addition to the uses apropos626 suggests. Imagine not having to fumble with a map or device to know where you are? Or being able to go on a walking tour with the HUD giving you historic data on the monuments or landmarks you pass?

One of the competitors to glass has a good video on the potential of augmented reality. Recon Instruments just released a glasses mounted version of it's system. They show a Doctor getting real time readouts of the patients vitals without having to look away from the work, a firefighter being able to know his location and report the spread of a wildfire, various athletes getting real time performance data and other very usefull applications.

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