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Early Google Glass testers get new Google Now cards, voice commands


August 12, 2013

Google's big monthly update to Glass brings a few new Google Now cards, as well as main-sc...

Google's big monthly update to Glass brings a few new Google Now cards, as well as main-screen voice commands for a couple of popular third-party services

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You probably don't have Google Glass. Very few people who aren't developing software for the upcoming device do. But even though the big update that's about to roll out to early adopters may not apply to you, it does give us a better idea of the kinds of things we'll be able to do with the search giant's specs once they're released to the general public.

New features

Glass will now have a Google Now card for dinner reservations you made

Google Now plays a big part in the new update. When a dinner or hotel reservation or concert is approaching, a Now card will be waiting for you (as long as they sent you an email confirmation). Glass' version of Now will also include movie showtimes at nearby theaters, as well as emergency alerts. You won't have to worry about these alerts interrupting you, as you'll have to swipe on the touchpad in order to see them.

Glass will also show you a card for nearby movie showtimes

Perhaps the bigger part of today's update involves voice commands. Now several third-party services can be accessed from the main menu. Say "Post an update" to do just that for Path, or (the one we're really looking forward to) "Take a note" to jot something down in Evernote.

Evernote can now be accessed using a simple voice command

It's a little surprising that these simple commands aren't instead tied to Google's rival services (Google+, and Google Keep, respectively), but it's nice to see popular alternatives having a voice in Google's new ecosystem. And we're pretty sure Google will eventually make it very easy to use those other services as well.

If you're one of the few early Glass adopters – or if you just want a peek at what's to come – you can get the full scoop from Google's post below.

Source: Google+, via Engadget

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