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Good Thinking

— Good Thinking

Nemorelax targets personal tranquility amid airport mayhem

By - February 4, 2008 4 Pictures
February 5, 2008 Finding a quiet space to de-stress, phone home, check emails or catch a quick, comfortable nap in the middle of a busy airport is a challenge that's nigh-on impossible at the best of times. While airport lounges offer some comfort to the weary traveler, the Nemorelaxer aims to take this to a whole new level by providing a fully-connected personal oasis where users can watch films, access wi-fi Internet, make calls, listen to music or just recline for a well earned nap without fear of interruption. The staffed service, to be sold in 30 minute time-blocks, also incorporates wake–up calls, a luggage lock-up facility and the free loan of a laptop. Read More
— Good Thinking

Datamatic demonstrate Remote Shutoff Valve system for water utilities

By - January 23, 2008 1 Picture
January 24, 2008 Water utility companies waste significant labor resources each year as staff try to overcome irate customers, vicious canines and difficult to access properties in an effort to disconnect or reconnect water services. Datamatic Ltd. has developed a solution to this problem in the form of its radio-frequency operated RSV™ Remote Shutoff Valve - a system that by-passes the need for physical access to properties, thereby reducing field service costs and preventing theft from inactive services. Read More
— Good Thinking

Loc8tor ‘Lite’ makes losing your keys a thing of the past

By - January 22, 2008 2 Pictures
January 23, 2008 Loc8tor Ltd has released a new addition to its personal homing device range. Significantly smaller and lighter than previous models, the credit card sized Loc8tor Lite helps to find any lost or mislaid possessions and fits easily into a wallet or purse. Dubbed the Loc8tor Lite, the 6mm thick device, uses active RFID technology to guide users to within an inch of any tagged item using audio and visual cues to point users in the right direction. The unit can help locate lost possessions that are within 400ft (122 meters). Read More
— Good Thinking

Communications “Gizmo” to aid emergency response

By - December 18, 2007 1 Picture
December 19, 2007 It may look like just another remote-controlled toy truck, but this "Gizmo" has the potential to save lives in disaster response situations. Javier Rodriguez Molina, a 24 year old electrical engineering graduate student and programmer analyst at the UC San Diego's California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), is designing an advanced mobile, wireless communications machine that can venture into environments too dangerous for humans and collect and transmit critical information to emergency personnel. It is hoped that the design platform - which is will not be limited to its current toy-truck guise - can provide real-time assistance in emergency situations such as terrorist attacks, building collapses or hurricanes. Read More
— Good Thinking

The Top 10 things you CAN have for Christmas

By - December 16, 2007 1 Picture
December 17, 2007 Earlier this month we brought you a list of the most desirable items that will almost certainly not appear under the tree this year. Now with the final rush towards the holiday season upon us, here's our pick of standout products that are more likely to be within reach of the average consumer and - if you're lucky - just might show up in your stocking. So, chosen by virtue of their technological prowess, style , sheer inventiveness or simply because they promise heaps of fun, here's Gizmag's selection of the top 10 things you CAN have for Christmas in 2008. Read More
— Good Thinking

The Top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas

By - November 29, 2007 1 Picture
The holiday season is fast approaching, meaning it's time to start racking your brain for the ideal gift for that someone special. If this sounds like you, we're afraid the following selection will be of no help whatsoever, unless of course you have remarkably deep-pockets... and in some instances, even that wont help. The team at Gizmag has scoured the archives to assemble a list of the ten most desirable luxury items that you wont find under the tree... from million dollar laptops to ultra-exclusive supercars and outlandish personal aircraft. So forget the Christmas list for a moment and check out our pick of the ultimate in what high-end technology has to offer. Read More
— Good Thinking

Solar powered road studs offer 10-fold visibility improvement

By - November 20, 2007 3 Pictures
November 21, 2007 As drivers we tend to ignore "cat's eyes" until we strike inclement weather or unfamiliar roads at night, at which point their safety value in showing us the road ahead comes very much to the fore. Standard reflective road studs rely on illumination from the headlight beams of the approaching vehicle and are effective to a distance of up to 90 meters, a situation that is being greatly improved by the application of solar power to the create stand-alone, self-powered illumination devices. The latest generation of solar road studs has just been announced by pioneering British company Astucia - the SolarLite™ “smart” road stud uses stored solar power to run built-in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), providing an effective guide for drivers at up to a distance of 900 meters and extending reaction times from 3.2 to over 30 seconds when driving at 60mph. Read More

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