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Hovervault wraps hoverboards in a fire-resistant bag

Homescreen Media of Australia has introduced a fire-resistant bag called the Hovervault, to help prevent property damage from battery fires that might occur during the charging, transporting and storing of hoverboards. Made of fiberglass composite materials, the Hovervault is designed to contain a fire in the event of a malfunctioning hoverboard battery.Read More

FAA testing a concrete way to clear snow

Anyone who's dealing with the current snowstorm in the US will know that clearing snow is hard work and futile if there's another dump. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Chris Tuan may have put an end to the need to shovel snow, however. His conductive concrete simply melts any snow that lands.Read More

BulletSafe's ball cap and T-shirt dress you in casual bulletproofing

We're not sure it says great things about our society, but we've been seeing more and more casual bulletproof clothing in recent years. BulletSafe is working to become a key player in that market. In December 2014, it launched a Kickstarter for what it calls the "world's first bulletproof baseball cap." Just over a year later, it's turning its attention to a bulletproof T-shirt. If your company softball team happens to play in a free-fire zone, you know who to call for uniforms.
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Topchair-S wheelchair has no problem with stairs

Wheelchair users have had to live with the fact that stairs, sharp curbs and doorsteps either required assistance to maneuver, or made access to some locations impossible. The TopChair-S, however, is designed to change that. It's an electric wheelchair designed to safely maneuver over such obstacles, utilizing caterpillar-like tracks in addition to wheels for greater maneuverability and independence.Read More

Pneumatic tech could bring affordable full-page braille tablets to reality

Suppose you had a tablet that only displayed one line of text at a time. It would be pretty frustrating, but it's a limitation that blind users of braille-displaying devices are faced with constantly. Thanks to new technology being developed at the University of Michigan, however, full-page refreshable braille tablets could soon be on their way.Read More

Space-saving Ergon Desk adapts to everyone

There are now plenty of standing desks for buyers to choose from, along with desks that allow users to switch between sitting and standing. The Ergon Desk, however, takes things a step farther. It's a six-person unit designed to facilitate teamwork, and it consists of individual sit/stand stations that adapt to the ergonomic needs of individual users.Read More


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