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The top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas 2015

This is how it's supposed to work: You pen a note to Santa outlining how wonderfully well behaved you've been throughout the year and put forward a wishlist of all the goodies you deserve in recognition of your exemplary performance. The elves then set to work with their hammers and saws and carbon fiber fabrication techniques to produce your heart's desire before Santa loads it up and drops it down your chimney with no regard for physics or reindeer haulage limitations. Ok, it's not going to pan out that way, but that doesn't stop us from setting aside the crushing reality of socks and scented soap for a moment and dreaming a little dream. Here's our annual list of the top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas.Read More

Salt-impregnated asphalt de-ices itself

Living someplace that gets snow in the winter may have its perks, but the ice-melting salt that's spread on the roads isn't one of them. Besides the fact that it gets all over our cars and clothing, it also has to be reapplied throughout the winter, harming the environment in the process. If a new type of asphalt reaches production, however, salt-spreading may become a thing of the past.Read More

SkySaver offers escape from a burning high-rise

Being trapped on an upper floor of a burning high-rise is the stuff of nightmares, but a product called SkySaver offers a last-resort means of escape, should that unlikely scenario occur and a safer exit is unavailable. SkySaver is worn on the back like a backpack and allows the user to descend out of a window and reach the ground in one piece.Read More

Hornet system aims to sting noisy drivers

We already have photo radar systems that automatically snap photos of cars that are speeding, but what if a vehicle is being too noisy? This could include cars with loud stereos, illegal mufflers, or horns that get honked just a little too often. Well, if Hornet Industries has its way, its Hornet Advanced Noise Control System will soon be taking care of those, too.Read More

Dutch team designs wallet that "cannot be lost"

Losing a wallet is always a massive headache, both for the financial loss and the hassle involved in cancelling cards. In order to prevent such incidents, a team of designers based in Rotterdam has created a smart wallet range enabled with wireless technology, which they claim makes the wallet and its contents 100 percent secure.Read More

Home-made Death Star works kind of like the real thing

Well, it's now December and a lot of people are getting excited about a special day that's coming up … that's right, we're talking about Dec. 17th, the opening day of Star Wars - The Force Awakens. In honor of the event, German laser-tinkerer Patrick Priebe has created a "working" model of the original Death Star. It may not be able to destroy planets, but it can certainly melt metal.Read More

G-RO carry-on bag is built for turbulent terrain

Wheeled carry-on cases are great until you try to pull them over a rough surface. The tiny wheels make them awkward to pull, and can break. The G-RO bag, however, has large wheels to handle different types of terrain and a host of other features aimed at improving the time you spend travelling.Read More

Living Ink adds time-lapse element to arty doodles

While looking for a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based inks, a team of researchers stumbled upon an algae-based solution that sees artwork grow on paper over the course of a few days. Colorado (US)-based startup Living Ink Technologies has now taken to Kickstarter to get its "time-lapse" ink into the hands of children, artists and teachers.
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