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Solar-powered "Sterile Box" targets hospital infections in developing countries

One of the risks of undergoing a surgical procedure is getting an on-site infection, which leads to longer periods in hospital and even death, especially when bacteria is resistant to current drugs. In developing countries the problem is bigger as hospitals often lack staple sterilization instruments such as an autoclave. In order to tackle this issue, a team of Rice University students and their mentors are developing a solar-powered sterilization unit that could be a life-saver in regions with little or no access to this type of equipment.Read More

Highlights from SXSW Interactive 2016

Now in its 30th year, the South By Southwest Interactive Festival fills the city of Austin Texas with all manner of gizmos, gadgets, exhibits, experiences, showcases and yes – traffic jams and epic lines. During the past week the town was an epicenter for all things tech, tackling complicated issues like privacy and gender equality in the digital space, and highlighting the more frivolous side of the equation with rock-paper-scissors-playing robots and giant Ferris wheels. Naturally, Gizmag was on hand to soak it all up. Here's a look at some of the highlights.Read More

Insect communications device is kinda buggy

Fireflies are certainly fascinating to watch as they signal to one another with their bioluminescent abdomens, but have you ever wanted to join in the conversation? Well, you apparently should soon be able to do so, with a little help from the Firefly Communicator.Read More

From virtual bobbleheads to smart peepholes: Highlights of the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards

This is the 19th year the South By Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas has held its Interactive Innovation Awards celebrating "the most inspiring, creative innovations in the connected world." But this is the first year that has included a showcase that gave the finalists the opportunity to demonstrate their concepts to the public. This took place on Monday and featured 35 exhibitors divided into 13 different categories, including "SciFi No More," "Music and Audio Innovation," and "Health, Med and Biotech." Gizmag was onsite to check out the offerings. Here are 10 of our favorites.Read More

Cutter adds another string to plastic bottle's bow

City recycling programs have helped to reduce the amount of plastic waste making its way into landfills and the world's oceans, but a two-man team from France is providing a more direct approach. Their Plastic Bottle Cutter us a simple tool that lets plastic bottles be repurposed into something useful.Read More

Bringing life-saving tech to conflict zones

There are tens of millions trapped in conflict zones at the moment, having to live in desperate conditions and uncertainty. Cut off from basic services, those people need to rely on humanitarian aid to survive. A new partnership recently launched in Lausanne, Switzerland, will leverage the possibilities of new technologies so aid agencies can provide solutions where they are needed most.
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Superhero fan creates DIY batarang

Fans of Batman will be familiar with the batarang, a bat-shaped throwing weapon that Mr. Wayne uses to subdue his foes. In the trailer for the new film Batman v Superman, he uses a variant that can be folded up when not in use. German cool-weapons-maker Patrick Priebe saw it, and decided to make one of his own.Read More


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