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EasyView embeds navigation elements inside video files

April 10, 2006 As the digital revolution reaches out to every person on the planet, and new platforms evolve, it’s only natural the Computer Human Interface will also evolve and undergo radical reconfigurations along the way – and we’re only just into the journey. Gotuit Media specialises in this area, providing software and indexing services which enable the intelligent navigation of time-shifted video content. Yesterday, the company released its latest offering for personalized video-on-demand, Gotuit On Demand with EasyView. Gotuit On Demand with EasyView will be offered in addition to the company's flagship navigation technology, Gotuit On Demand, across all of the company’s on-demand products: Gotuit Music, Gotuit Sports, Gotuit News, and Gotuit Entertainment.  Read More

The inflatable conveyor belt could transform agriculture

April 9, 2006 Robots are on the march again into the last bastion of labour intensive industry - farming and horticulture. Researchers from Warwick HRI (the University of Warwick's horticultural arm), and its manufacturing engineering section, Warwick Manufacturing Group, are working on a suite of robots and automated systems which could transform farming and horticulture over the next decade. One of the best ideas we’ve seen in a long time is this inflatable conveyor belt developed for UK-based agricultural machinery company Aeropick. Due to an ingenious wheeled and inflatable system, up to 100 metres of powered conveyor belt can be deployed within five minutes to aid the agricultural and horticultural harvesting process and offers massive labour cost savings along with significant increases in productivity. As the belt can be set up to variable length of between 25 metres and 100 metres, it is highly adaptable allowing crops to be processed at high speed straight to cool storage, washing, sorting, grading etc Amazingly, there’s also a mushroom picking robot and Robot Grass Cutter too.  Read More

Oslo to cut streetlight energy costs by 30% while increasing safety

April 7, 2006 The City of Oslo (Norway) is developing an intelligent outdoor lighting system to remotely control and monitor streetlights. The first large scale implementation of a control network in a street lighting application in Europe, the system is expected to reduce energy usage by 50 percent, improve roadway safety, and minimize maintenance costs. The project calls for the installation over the next three years of 55,000 intelligent street light ballasts that communicate over existing power lines with Internet Servers acting as segment controllers, which in turn communicate with the City of Oslo control centre over a wireless wide-area network.  Read More

New real-world load monitoring system

March 24, 2006 Just how far can you push weight reducation in a design before it breaks? What happens to a product after it leaves the factory? What stresses are placed on a mountain bike if the owner tackles a long set of concrete steps or a steep downhill slope or some steps on it? What is the magnitude and frequency of forces acting on the blade of a wind turbine? Computer simulation is one thing, but there’s no substitute for actually monitoring the loads a product will experience in usage, and German researchers have developed a new sensor system that does just that.  Read More

The 20 most important tools ever?

March 23, 2006 From dawn to dusk, humans rely on tools to get us through the day. And from the beginning of civilization, we've used them to build and shape our world. In order to celebrate these devices, decided to compile a list of the 20 most important tools of all time. Not everybody will agree with all the tools on the list, and there are few that could legitimately have scored a spot, but it’s an interesting list to contemplate. Perhaps before clicking through to this excellent article, reflect for a moment on what your top ten mike look like. Forbes’ list is comprised of the tools that have most impacted human civilization and helped move the course of history. Recommended reading.  Read More

New web real estate search functionality and a new brokerage model

March 23, 2006 If you’ve ever searched for a home, you’ll know how advantageous the internet can be, yet you’ll also realize that there’s so much more that it can offer and that future web functionality holds enormous promise. At least some of that promise has been realized with the Envirian Mapper – very useful functionality that also brings a new real estate brokerage model to the table. Envirian has pioneered the integration of the Google mapping and satellite imaging systems with the display of properties listed for sale on the multiple listing service. Envirian's technology makes searching for a new home much more efficient and as with many technological advances, fun. We've written before about this type of web technology.  Read More

Comprehensive Wireless Sensor Networking Solution

March 22, 2006 The monitoring of every aspect of the manufacturing process is something that has traditionally been done by hand, but with the advent of reliable, flexible, wireless sensors solutions the opportunities exist to create very cost effective and comprehensive wireless sensor networks monitoring entire factories, warehouses and almost any industrial process. One that caught our eye at the National Manufacturing Week (NMW) Conference in Chicago this week was a system that integrates sensors, software, and mesh networking devices into a turnkey solution offering plant/building managers instant actionable measurements of key operational levels (temperature, power, voltage, steam, water, air, flow, and pressure).  Read More

The Connection Glass facilitates and enhances meeting compatible people

March 20, 2006 Computer Mediated Communication significantly increases the size of your usual social or business contact universe and can give you a far greater choice of prospects to mine. On the other hand, there’s no substitute for being there, so you can assess them in person. Computers hold great promise in matching us with particularly suitable partners and we’ve written up several such concepts over the last few years, from proximity-based Bluetooth introduction via cell phones, through Xenofreaks PIX interactive visual display device through to nTAG’s interactive name badge for conferences and social events and even real-world gaming using GPS-capable mobile phones. All of these concepts offer communication both in a virtual world level and in a physical environment. Now there’s another viable idea IOHO - Priscilla Bernikowicz’s interactive glasses are designed to help us pick the right person in a room full of people.  Read More

Bridge between worlds of simulation codes

March 8, 2006 Simulation is vital to design and engineering: without repeated virtual testing, few high-end products would be what they are now. With an increasing need for high quality and reliable simulations multidisciplinary solutions become more and more important. Simulation technology is everywhere. Whether they are developing rocket engines, vehicle exhaust systems, bridges, heart valves or pressure valves, engineers always start by drawing up numerical equations. The equations for determining the various forces that combustion chambers, buildings or valves have to withstand and those that they need to control come from diverse physical disciplines. They may deal with the flow characteristics of gases or liquids on one hand, and mechanical forces on the other. Established numeric simulation codes exist for a majority of problems, but these can only partially represent reality: Coupling of different simulation codes, each specialized for a specific physical regime, is becoming more and more important for numerical simulations, both in industry and in research. The reason is that in many real-world applications the interaction of different physical phenomena must be taken into consideration in order to achieve high-quality predictions. The magic formula is known as 'code coupling'.  Read More

Layered fabrication now growing solid metal parts

March 6, 2006 A new rapid manufacturing and prototyping system that makes 100 percent solid metal parts has been introduced to the market - the ARCAM EBM S400. Employing a patented CAD-to-Metal process, which is based on Electron-Beam Melting (EBM), the highly efficient system produces parts from titanium powder and does so between three and five times faster than other additive fabrication methods. In contrast to laser sintering (SLS), the electron beam fully melts the metal particles to produce a void-free part. The process occurs in a high vacuum, which ensures the part is completely solid, without imperfections caused by oxidation.  Read More

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