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New Parker executive Multipen

September 12, 2007 Remember the excitement of getting a brand new four color pen when you were a kid? Ahh, the joy of writing words and alternating colors for each of the letters. Pen maker Parker's new Multipen provides a modern twist on the plastic classic - the four-way pen includes standard black and blue ink, pencil and a highlighter.Read More

Australian Design Awards now open to professional designs

September 10, 2007 The 2008 Australian International Design Awards are now calling for entrants, and for the first time, professionally designed products will be eligible. After discovering such varied ideas as the electric violin, retractable umbrella, convertible high heels and the waiting room chair that converts into a hospital bed, it will be fascinating to see what will come in under the new eligibility criteria.Read More

Allsopp's Arctic Ale earns a savvy eBay trader $500,000

It's a brave new world out there, and one can easily underestimate the skills required to make full use of the internet. Here's one example that's sure to illustrate the importance of basic internet trading savvy, and tickle your sense of schadenfreude - an eBay trader who leveraged the mistake of another to make himself a tidy US $500,000 profit, for a small amount of work.Read More

Surround Vision projects perfect images on surfaces of any shape

August 30, 2007 UPDATED HI-RES IMAGES Projecting brilliantly sharp images as a single picture onto curved surfaces has previously been a very elaborate and expensive process. Now a new software system automatically calibrates the projectors needed so that the images are superimposed with pixel-precise accuracy. The technology promises so many applications from enhancing the planitarium experience to creating compelling immersive viewer experiences in trade show booths, show stages, multiplexes, theme parks, product presentations and advanced simulators. Download the brochure here.Read More

UK public contactless payment technology begins roll-out

August 26, 2007 Money makes the world go around, and as with any system, reducing the frictional losses should benefit the productivity of that system – so the publicity stunt staged in a McDonalds drive-through in London with a Formula One car is quite significant. It was nominally the first use of contactless payment in the UK and marks the beginning of the roll-out of contactless cards which use radio wave card technology. When the contactless card is placed in very close proximity to the terminal, it transmits data from the card to the retailer’s card reader. The new technology allows contactless purchases up to UKP10 and normal chip & PIN purchases above that amount. Trials have shown the cards can halve the time taken for a cash transaction.Read More

e-Governance programs to modernize and reform public services

August 23, 2007 National and local governments across the globe have been implementing new strategies based on e-governance in order to modernize public services. South Korea has been a leader in this field along with neighboring Asian nations. It is only fitting then, that a new book claiming to be an authoritative text on the subject has originated from Japan. Read More

iXoundWear headwear for the iPod Nano and Shuffle

August 22, 2007 Sick of being annoyed by the pesky wires hanging from your ears when walking, running, or jogging with your iPod? The simple iXoundWear solution is to use your head - literally - via their range of hats, visors, and beanies with wire-management system designed for the iPod.Read More

Superbungee takes aim at the traditional shoulder strap

August 21, 2007 Laptop bags, satchels and other shoulder bags generally do a fairly good job of protecting what they’re carrying – but how much thought gets put into the primary interface of the bag with the body? Skooba’s Superbungee is a retro-fittable shoulder strap that uses air-cell padding, grippy laminates and “sports-tuned suspension” to minimize carrying shock and perceived weight as you schlep your gear about.Read More

Zeroshift tool tracker increases aerospace maintenance efficiency

August 14, 2007 Anyone with a tool shed will be familiar with the scenario - your beautifully erected shadow-board is all but empty because tools are strewn all over bench-tops or have long since disappeared into the ether. In industry this can be much more than just a minor frustration - particularly in safety intensive fields like aerospace where missing tools lead to serious productivity, procedural and safety headaches. A new solution from Zeroshift is designed to solve these tool management problems faced by aerospace manufacturing companies.Read More


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