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GoCan Drainer aims to take the pain out of straining


July 18, 2013

The GoCan Drainer offers a simple way of draining the juices from canned food

The GoCan Drainer offers a simple way of draining the juices from canned food

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Some of the simplest household tasks are also the most annoying, and draining the juices from canned goods is definitely on the list. You can either use the newly removed lid, which risks you cutting your hand to pieces, your fingers, which leaves you with sticky digits, or a full size colander, which just adds another bulky item to the washing-up. The GoCan Drainer offers a neater solution.

Jim Costello, an industrial designer with 100 products under his belt, created the GoCan Drainer with a view to simplifying this common household task. The GoCan is simply a small, slightly concave colander which comes in different sizes that fit snugly into the interior of a can. Once clipped to the rim of the can the liquid contents can be poured out into a bowl or sink using just one hand.

Costello is looking to raise US$29,000 on Crowd Supply and use the funds to pay for the injection molds and get the first production run underway.

A pledge of $25 gets you a set that consists of one GoCan Drainer to fit (regular) 15oz cans and one to fit both (small) 5oz cans and (large) 27oz cans. Costello is hoping to ship the finished product to backers in February 2014.

The video below shows the GoCan Drainer in action.

Source: Crowd Supply

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Errmmmmm..... I've always found that simply opening the can halfway, turning it upside down in the sink for 30 seconds, then finishing opening it, works pretty well with no risk of cuts.


If you think draining a can is "annoying," better stick with Sugar Frosted Flakes.


I use a wide strainer over the kitchen sink. Can't see paying the $25.00 for this. Sorry - no sale here.


Hmmmm... pretty colors, but I can already get one on Amazon... http://amzn.com/B0000DI67T

along with about a dozen variants. Sorry, not really GizMag worthy.


A collander or sieve will also drain better if you need more than 30 seconds (think crushed pineapple). Any small bits would plug this up pronto. I'm kind of in the errmmmmm.... camp as well.

Bruce H. Anderson

This is a bad idea. I hope for the sake of the designer that there are enough people that don't see that.


Costs way too much for what it does.


What a great idea. I can't count how many times I've dumped half a can of food into the sink trying to drain the liquid or cut my finger trying to squeeze out the last bit of oil or water from a tuna can. I can definitely use one of these!


gotta pass here, I have these things called washable, yes, washable fingers!

Bill Bennett

I believe $25 is the pledge to fund the production, for which you would receive a set of drainers. It would probably cost much less when it goes to retail. I still think it 's a good looking design and less bulky than a colander would be to use.


I feel like I'm watching TV-Shop and not reading a site about new things made possible by taking advantage of technical progress.

Is this really what should be on Gizmag?

Also @MDC. Are you for real - your comment sounds like it from an actor taking part in a TV-Shop commercial.


How many other sizes of cans are there? Different sizes on different continents? In different countries?

Gregg Eshelman

This is super expensive! Wanna know what isn't? Go to any kitchen store or Bed-bath and beyond and get something called a Tuna Press...designed to press the water out of Tuna cans. The great thing is that if you pay more than $3.50 for the thing, you got Gypped! And the other great thing? They're available RIGHT NOW (google "tuna can strainer")

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