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Goal Zero adds more power and utility to its multifunctional Switch charger


August 26, 2014

The all-new Goal Zero Switch 10 at Outdoor Retailer 2014

The all-new Goal Zero Switch 10 at Outdoor Retailer 2014

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A few years ago, Goal Zero introduced the Switch 8, a small back-up battery with a series of modular tips for creating separate devices, like a flashlight. The company has added more power and more function to the Switch, in introducing the all-new Switch 10.

The Switch 10 is an evolutionary update that improves upon the two main aspects of the Switch design: power and multifunctional modularity. The Switch 10 has been sized up to 3,000 mAh and 11 Wh, from the 2,200 mAh and 8 Wh of the Switch 8. Goal Zero reckons this will be enough to give a tablet a 25-percent boost, provide a full phone charge, or charge an action camera twice. Like the original, the Switch 10 charges internally by way of a flip-out USB on its base and has a USB port to charge external devices.

Other tips can be added in place of the USB port. The LED flashlight tip returns on the Switch 10, quickly transforming the battery into a small, 110-lumen torch that shines for up to four hours. New to the 10 is a small fan module that creates a portable fan to cool you down for up to five hours.

The replaceable lithium-ion battery takes four hours to charge by USB connection and four to six hours to charge by way of the Nomad 7 solar panel. The main battery body weighs 4 oz (114 g) and the individual tips add a couple more ounces.

Goal Zero will begin selling the Switch 10 next year in a kit with USB ports, Nomad 7W panel, fan tip, LED flashlight tip and device-specific adapter tip. In terms of adapters, it will offer micro USB ($119.95) and Apple Lightning ($139.95) kit options. Goal Zero's 2015 catalog suggests that the Switch 10 will not be initially available as a standalone charger, minus the solar panel and extra modules, a $40 option available for the Switch 8.

Goal Zero had originally told us that it was developing an ultraviolet water purifier module when it launched the Switch 8. It appears that module never made it to market or was quickly discontinued. It is not listed as an option on either the current Switch 8 or the Switch 10.

Source: Goal Zero

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