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CERULEAN F1+TX Bluetooth headphone and transmitter for iPod


November 3, 2007



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November 3, 2007 iSkin has bundled its TX transmitter and F1 headphones as the CERULEAN F1+TX, a Bluetooth audio package for iPod that enables wireless control and simultaneous connection to a mobile phone.

The CERULEAN F1 combines a mono mobile headset with a stereo Bluetooth earphone which receives and reproduces audio from a TX equipped iPod or a stereo Bluetooth mobile device. The CERULEAN F1 forms a bond with a TX equipped iPod and can be simultaneously connected to a supported mobile phone - automatically switching to headset mode upon incoming phone calls and resuming music playback when done. The F1’s features include controls that allow the user to adjust volume, cycle through tracks and pause playback and the unit was awarded the iLounge.com “Best of Show” award at its preview during MacWorld Expo 2007.

Working out of the box with Apple's new Leopard Operating System (OS X 10.5), the CERULEAN F1 provides full stereo sound directly from a Macintosh running Leopard or via the included TX transmitter for extended range and performance by making use of Leopard's A2DP support. When paired directly with the new OS, F1 users can also remotely control iTunes including Play/Pause and Skip Track functionality, and the F1 can also be used as a VOiP headset with iChat, Skype and many other VOiP and audio applications that require a microphone/headset combination.

Designed to work with many iPod models including the recently released iPod Classic, nano, touch and iPhone, the CERULEAN F1+TXis available online now at retail price of USD$189.99 and will be rolled out to iSkin resellers in the coming weeks.

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