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Eye-Fi: world's first wireless SD memory card


October 31, 2007

Eye-Fi Card

Eye-Fi Card

November 1, 2007 Digital cameras with the ability to wirelessly transmit images began to hit the market in 2005 and Wi-Fi is now commonplace in many high-end models. A new approach by Eye-Fi Inc. that integrates this capability into an SD memory card promises to make this time saving functionality more accessible to a wider range of digital photographers. The Eye-Fi Card is the world’s first wireless card for digital cameras, allowing users to send photographs directly from digital cameras to PCs, Macs and online photo and social networking sites via home Wi-Fi networks.

The 2GB, USD$99.99 Eye-Fi Card by-passes the need for cables and card readers and works with existing or new SD-compatible digital cameras. The card facilitates sharing with 17 online photo sharing, printing, social networking or blogging sites as well as enabling transfer to PC or Mac.

The upload service allows users to transfer an unlimited number of photos and handles full-resolution JPEG pictures and can automatically resize images where required by the selected online destination.

The Eye-Fi Card, which also operates as a conventional SD memory card, will be manufactured by Wintec Industries, Inc., in Silicon Valley.

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